TA-DAA! The Elements! In A Song!

If only this video was available during my high school years, Chemistry would be so much easier. And I’d probably ace every Chemistry paper I ever sat for. Haha! Ok, maybe not, but still, it’s kinda cool to have the entire periodic table in a song. LOL!Thoroughly amazed by Daniel Radcliffe. The entire periodic table! Heh. Not that I am prejudice, but usually celebrities don’t strike to me as the nerdy/geeky kind of person. To hear him say his hero is a scientist is surprising enough, but to recite all that in a song… Whoa. Seriously shocking that he’s even interested in learning a song on the elements in the periodic table. *jaw drops when I watch the video for the first time* And For once, I’m gonna say, Daniel Radcliffe is awesome! LOL!

Decided to YouTube the song to check if there’s really such song or is he spoofing the audience. And here we go, the proof that he did it all correctly. Heh! Am actually starting to like the song. Maybe I’ll try learning it. LOL! Kinda reminded me of a song that taught me all the 66 books of the Bible when I was young. And till now, proud to say, I still can remember that song and all the 66 books of the Bible. Hee!


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