Belated Birthday Treat @ El Mondo E-Gate

This was another surprise I had. This time from Ben for lunch yesterday. Sweet. Haha. Totally unexpected as well. Not until the bill was paid and we were gonna split the bill did I find out, I don’t have to pay cause it’s a belated birthday treat. *beams* Had a nice chilling lunch with him and Karen at El Mondo. Catching up, laughing, crapping, sharing and of course, eating. Haha!

Food at El Mondo ain’t bad. I ordered the Oriental Chicken Chop set lunch.


Craving for chicken on that day. Lol. Really like the sauce of the chicken chop, though not the best I’ve eaten. I have to say though, the portion is slightly smaller than normal. But it still fills the stomach up. Heh. =) And what I like about it, it IS chicken chop, unlike some others I’ve tried that turn out to be more of a ‘flour chop’ than chicken chop. Lol. Love the carrot slices, so much so, I wondered if they’ve got only the carrot slices for sale. Heh. Hence, this dish? Not fantastically yummy, but pretty above average, if I’ve gotta rate it. =)

Then we ordered the BBQ Chicken Pizza to share. I love it. Yummy. =)


First thing that tops the reasons is, it’s has thin crust. And is loaded with fillings. Would prefer if there was a little more pineapple, just a little more. But it’s still yummy. Heh. Love how am able to actually see and taste and chew proper chicken chunks from the pizza. Never really a fan of capsicums, but it blends in nicely for this pizza. I’d definitely go back for the pizza again some day. =)

Had a really good lunch with good company. Touched by the simple surprise treat. Made my morning moodiness disappear. =)


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