If Only We Could Bring Back Those Times

Had a few good old close friends tagged me on FaceBook for this video. Really brings back such good memories. The skipping rope made out of rubber bands, the colour pencils, the autograph books, the simple fun games we used to play (OUTDOORS and not on our computers or iPads), the punishments in school assembly, etc etc. Nearly made me tear up. Haha. I miss those times. What I specially like in this video? The way they show ‘FaceBook’ in our younger years. Sweet. And really, that was what we did. When talking was face to face and not to a small screen in out hands. Heh. Good old times. So many other things and memories kids nowadays or kids in the future will never understand.

If only we could bring back those times…

Times when having new colour pencils made us happy..
Times when we look forward to the ringing of the school bell so we can play outside..
Times when we actually spend more time with our friends than our electronic devices..
Times when buying a new original cassatte or CD of our favourite band feels like owning a precious gem..
Times when we try to stand still and keep quiet so we’ll be the first few to sit down when the teacher punishes us to stand on chairs..
Times when we try to set the VCR to record our favourite programmes on the television..
Times when we fold messages on papers and secretly pass it across the room to chat with a friend..
Times when we play with our erasers, rulers, pens and pencils when we’re bored in class..
And many many more…

If only we could bring back those times…


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