Wrath Of The Titans

The sequel to the 2010 Clash Of The Titans. Sad to say, I was fairly disappointed. Wouldn’t say its a boring show, I wasn’t bored at all during the movie. However, I keep anticipating the climax of the movie, the final huge battle, the big action scene, that never came. The action scenes were kinda stale. As a matter of fact, there weren’t much action scenes, except for one or two typical combat scenes. The biggest disappointment was the way Perseus killed Kronos. Kinda lame actually. Fly here, fly there on Pegasus, then throw the Spear of Triam into Kronos, and the end. Haha. And to make it all worse? No cute guy to watch. LOL!

I’ll have to say, Sam Worthington looks ‘not so attractive’ here. A little sissy actually.I guess curly, fugly hair don’t suit him. Heh. Lol. So far, Orlando Bloom is one of the few guys I feel can carry off the curly, medium-length hair. Lol. Me thinks Worthington looked much better in Clash Of The Titans. When almost all of his hair was razored off. Now, ain’t that better? =) At least he looked like Perseus, the tough demigod warrior that can save the world, compared to the sissy look above. Haha! Though still, I won’t categorize him as one of the ‘hot ones’. Hence the above statement, “And to make it all worse? No cute guy to watch.”

Surprised they got a different actress to play Andromeda who’s now the Queen. Rosamund Pike never came across to me as the kind of tough chick that kick ass, but she did pretty okay here. Quite believable. Kinda. Haha. Though, I think I prefer watching Alexa Davalos as Andromeda in Clash Of The Titans. Heh. She seems to suit the role better, I suppose. Though, I wondered why Andromeda is dark-haired in the 1st movie, and turned blond in the 2nd movie. I guess hair dye already existed during that time. =P Lol!

It was Agenor who kinda caught my attention this time. Played by Toby Kebbell, the son of Poseidon is the only character in this movie that has some colour in his character. Something a little more interesting. From being the sloppy thief, till rising up to be the son of Poseidon and helping in the fight against Kronos’ creatures, his character’s development is one of the very few things that’s interesting in the show. Though, its sad they didn’t make him use more of his core power, water, seeing as he IS the son of Poseidon. Haha.

Anyhow, it wasn’t too bad a watch. But would I watch it again? Nope. Haha!


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