Char Koay Kak @ Jelutong Market (Night)

Been addicted to this lately. This stall’s Char Koay Kak is seriously yummy (almost as good as the one at the Batu Lanchang food court during the day time). Only sells at night at the Jelutong market. And what I like to do is to bring my own prawns (cause normal Char Koay Kak don’t come with prawns), and ask them to fry it in together with the ‘koay kak’. Hee! But I’d specially ask them to leave out the ‘taugeh’ (bean sprouts). Never liked ‘taugeh’. Heh. Had this like 4 times in the past week! Gasp! And with the lack of gym classes…….. Starting to freak out. Haha. But then again, good food should be enjoyed once in a while. Lol. With moderation, of course! =) 20120404-113619.jpg


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