It’s Starting To Get Annoying

I used to just smirked at it all. But lately, its starting to get annoying. All the crap on FaceBook about how ‘Like’-ing a post or ‘Like’-ing a link will help save a life or show you have a heart is starting to get at me. As if ‘Like’-ing it will help, even a single bit. Like’-ing it on FaceBook, will NOT change a thing or will NOT help anything. It’ll probably just get you more smirks. If you really wanna help, go out, do charity, or donate some money, etc etc. ‘ Don’t sit on your big asses and ‘Like’ it on FaceBook. It’s starting to look really stupid. Nowadays when I see posts like that, I just roll my eyes, smirk and scroll past it, not even bothering to read the link, let alone ‘Like’ it. It’s not that I don’t have a heart (not to say I’m one of the kindest person around, cause I’m definitely not), but really, I’d rather go out and do some good in the world than to sit around ‘Like’-ing some links on FaceBook that helps absolutely no one.

Saw this on the web. A little something to think about, no? =.=”20120404-114036.jpg


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