Belated Birthday Treat @ Brussels

Big thanks to Angie and Imee, I dined at one of my favourite cafes the past Friday night. Car problems, arrived kinda late. Hence didn’t managed to take pictures of the food eaten. Maybe next time. Heh. BUT, we had good relaxing time with the drinks, trying out new things. All 3 of us, ordered stuff we’ve never tried before. And what a dash of different colours! Haha!20120409-115758.jpgThere were Apple Pie, Midori Melon, John’s Jameson and Leffe Brune Draught. Take a guess which is which? Haha. But glad to say, they all taste great. Happy with the new drinks tried this time. They don’t always turn out good, but they did this time. =)

Mine was the Apple Pie.
20120409-115825.jpgLove it. Kinda sweet though. And a little lacking of alcohol taste. But nevertheless, its a good cocktail to chill with and wind down on a relaxing Friday night.

We had a great time just chilling, chatting, a little gossiping (haha!), eating and obviously drinking. Hilarious time trying to cam-whore. Haha. But good to say, it was successful. *beams*


20120409-120412.jpgHad a great night. Really appreciated everything. Food, drinks, company and the time spent. =)


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