Sumatra Earthquake April 2012

After 8 years, the earthquake late yesterday afternoon put everyone on high tsunami alert. Yes, there have been many occurrences of earthquakes these past years, but none as similar to the one in 2004 as yesterday’s. Even people on the ground floor in Malaysia can feel the strong tremors of the quake. I had to leave the guitar studio on the second floor cause everything was shaking up there. For the first minute, we didn’t even realize it was the floor and building shaking. We thought it was the electric guitar and the amplifier. Heh.

The 8.6 magnitude earthquake send many in Penang running out of buildings, shopping malls, etc etc. Buildings and businesses along the shorelines were closed for the night due to tsunami warnings. I can only imagine the fear that gripped the heart of the Indonesians in Aceh, when even Penangites were freaked out. Though not as severe as previously, our hearts go out to all those affected by the quake yesterday.


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