Mirror Mirror

Looking forward to this show for a long time. Yes, its not the huge blockbuster thingy, but still, its fairytale based. One of ‘the’ famous fairytale. I’m a girl. Weak point. Lol! How can I miss it right? =) Even when the only known name here to me is Julia Roberts.

But I gotta say, I was thoroughly amused throughout the movie. Love the way they modified the storyline. MUCH better than the 2010 Alice In Wonderland. Much much better. That was kinda… Boo! Heh.

First time ever I watch Julia Roberts playing an evil role. Well, comedy evil. Not bad for playing a partially hysterical comedic evil queen. Though I doubt that she will be successful playing a pure serious evil character. Haha. Really liked the way the queen has to go into the mirror to a mysterious cottage in the middle of a lake to talk to the ‘magical person’ in the mirror. Haha. But find it kinda ridiculous that the ‘magical person’ in the mirror is Roberts herself in another role. A little killjoy. Would have preferred it if it was played by someone else though.

I have to say, Lily Collins looks so sweet and regal with jet black hair compared to her previous blondish colour. To the point, kinda makes me consider dying my hair jet black. Haha. But think she fits in better in the role when Snow White joined the ‘bandit dwarves’, instead of in the beginning when Snow White was the meek princess under the control of the evil queen. She even looks better in hip ‘sexy bandit’ attire. Love the attire…Love the way she looks in it. Somehow. Haha. If there’s ever a costume party, I may consider this. Hee.

The major disappointment? The prince. Major LAME. Poor Armie Hammer. What a lame role he got. Don’t be fooled by the few instances that he looks presentable. Prince Alcott in this movie is just a major douche! And he’s not even good looking. At least, I can’t find him good looking at all in this movie. Maybe its the character. Urgh.See what I mean? Major lame-ass! No elegance, no style, not attitude, not much intelligence, arrogant, etc etc. Lol!

Absolutely love the dwarves! And the twist given to them. Bandits! So so so so SO cute! Love it how they throw in an asian into the group of dwarves. Makes it all seem so real. Haha! And they are so so so sweet in the movie. Being tough, sort of, in certain scenes and incredibly adorable in the rest. =)

One of the most amusing thing is the costumes in this show. Really whackily hilarious. Still better than 2010’s Alice In Wonderland, except for Johnny Depp’s costume of course. =) Check them out.. 

See what I mean? Haha. There are many more where that came from. Lol!

Was prepared to be kinda disappointed towards the end of the show, cause I was thinking, no matter how you twist the storyline, how can Snow White be Snow White without the poison apple? The red poison apple? But thank God, I wasn’t. And the twist with the poison apple? Loved it! Absolutely. It’s awesome to see a princess being portrayed as wittily smart, once in a while. =)

Snow White and her 7 bandit dwarves. My favourites in Mirror Mirror. Definitely.

The best part of the movie? The most fabulous part? The ending song. Literally made the entire, and I mean entire, cinema burst out laughing! Who the heck came up with the idea of ending a fairy tale, a famous English fairy tale, with a song like this????? Everyone left the cinema in high spirits after the damn good laugh. Lol!

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