The series that made me go ‘goo goo-gaa gaa’ over celebrities. Again. At 26 years old. Damn, I just can’t help it. I know am way over the age of celebrity crushes. But Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki & Misha Collins just break down any ‘adulthood matured-ness’ that I had and turn me into a teenage girly girl all over again. Haha.

Won’t say that this is a particularly famous series, unlike Smallville, or Lost, or Criminal Minds. Still pretty popular, but speaking in a sense of relativity. That was what I thought anyway. Not until I got hooked onto it, that I search details online and realized, damn, they have a huge fan base on the net. Like literally huge.

The stories and mysteries in Supernatural, as the title states, is based on all the Supernatural myths, lore and beliefs in our world. Story surrounds the 2 Winchester brothers who’s mother was killed mysteriously when they were kids. Since then, they and their father has been going around, hunting ‘things’, evil things, as they try to solve the mystery around their mother’s death. As the seasons expanded to the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th season the story develops and grows into quite an interesting plot. Angels, demons, the devil, ghosts, werewolves, vampires, witches, cults, etc etc comes into plot. Famous names included Michael & Gabriel, the archangels and Lucifer, the devil. Don’t really like the way they portray some of the angels as being bad. But hey, whatever makes the story interesting? =)

As serious and dark as the series sounds, there are lots of humourous elements in every single episode. And the characters’ development just makes anyone fall for them. Lol. Well, me. Haha. Bear in mind, I am biased. Hee. =)

Jensen Ackles plays older brother Dean Winchester. A character that is kinda rough-tough ‘Texas’-ish. Witty. Manly. Hot. Make that major hot. And sexy. Love his husky, Texas slang. Absolutely loving it. And even with blood and dirt on him, he looks so desirable. Haha!

Jared Padalecki plays younger brother, Sam Winchester. A more ‘refine’ man, but well, when the action scenes come on, he’s just about as tough as his brother Dean. But here, Sam’s supposed to be the slightly more educated brother, getting himself away from ‘hunting’ and hitting college for bout 2 years before returning to ‘hunting’ when his girlfriend was killed in exactly the same way as his mum.

Misha Collins plays the ‘angel of the Lord’, Castiel. He only started appearing in the series in Season 4, and have been a recurring or regular character in all the following series. Absolutely love the way Castiel keeps a straight face everytime he’s on screen. Talking with a straight face, not much intonations when speaking, though not bland. Everytime he speaks, its like with so much intensity. And there’s just something bout his eyes. Haha.

Then there’s old man fellow hunter, Bobby Singer, played by actor Jim Beaver. He may be old, but quite a heck of a hunter. Love all his witty sarcastic comeback lines. And its sweet how he cares for the Winchester boys like they’re his own. Flicking between recurring roles and as a regular, Bobby Singer has found himself a place in almost all Supernatural’s fans’ heart. Well, kinda. Of course after Dean, Sam and Castiel. Heh.

After watching 6 seasons of this series, there are some season regulars or recurring roles that stood out and added a whole lot of chemistry into the series. One of them being character Ruby, a hot demon chick. Considering the fact that demons can possess humans, Ruby was played by Katie Cassidy in Season 3 and Genevieve Cortese (who happens to be Jared’s wife in real life) in Season 4. I personally prefer blonde haired ‘Katie Cassidy’ Ruby to brunette haired ‘Genevieve Cortese’ Ruby. Much hotter and with a cheeky spunky edge. But then, after watching it for a while, Cortese ain’t too bad. But still prefer Cassidy though. Heh. Ruby’s character is one hell of a twist towards the end of season 4. Interesting though.

Another angel that made to one of the top spots is the archangel, Gabriel, who actually ran down to earth to avoid the fights between his brothers in heaven. Taking up the place of a Trickster, Gabriel sure gave the Winchester brothers a handful to handle. But when he fessed up later in the series and reveal his true identity of being the archangel Gabriel, he suddenly seems more serious, and heroic as he stands up against his fallen brother, Lucifer. He started to have that charm around him, siding the Winchester brothers.

Demon number 2, Meg Masters. Again, played by 2 different actress, Nicki Aycox and Rachel Miner. I have to say though, the character Meg is more appealing in the later seasons, seeming to turn into a ‘kinda’ good demon. Played by Rachel Miner, Meg seems to have a little something something for Castiel in the later seasons. Interesting. And sweet.

Then there’s the mother-daughter pair, Ellen and Jo, portrayed by Samantha Ferris and Alona Tal. Though not many appearances, this pair made a lasting impact on people who watches Supernatural. Would have loved for them to remain in the series, but sadly they got killed off in Season 5 of the series. I really like the spunk Ellen and Jo had. And the cute way the few times Dean and Jo flirted. And I actually think Alona Tal is pretty hot. She’s like the tough version of Taylor Swift. Heh.

There’s also one more important ‘character’ in this series. Heck its not outright important, but its the unconscious kind. The Winchester’s car. The Impala! I’ve never really have much appreciation for old classic car until I watched this series. The Impala looks so classic and cool. Or maybe it was the boys that made it cool Hehe.If you ask me, the boys suit the Impala perfectly. And I love the way how they always have an ice-box of beer on all their road trips. So hot! Lol!

What makes this series so addictive and awesome besides the storylines and mysteries, to me, is the chemistry between the characters. Top on the list, the brothers Dean and Sam. Other than being a pair of really hot looking brothers, their protectiveness and care for each other is just heart warming. The closeness they shared touches every heart that watches the show. Their willingness to sacrifice their own lives for the other brother’s safety is truly touching. The pain and tears shed when either brother are in mortal danger or died (yes died, though resurrected soon after) is heart wrenching. Though, brothers will be brothers. They have their silly, funny and humourous moments getting on each other’s nerves and squabbling with each other.Their various facial expression is priceless. From serious faced, to smirking, to silly, to amused, to eye-rolling, etc etc. Simply lovely. Lol! Jensen and Jared made it real believable that they are brothers.

And when Castiel was added to the cast, well, twosome just became threesome. What started out as just an angel in charged of the boys, Castiel quickly becomes like family to them, and would do all he can to help and protect the boys. As would the boys for him. Castiel’s lack of knowledge on human’s ways sometimes creates really funny scenes. Good example? Erm, a scene where he questions the brothers on porn. I think I nearly died laughing.

Throw Bobby in together with them, and we have a fabulous team of good guys. Heh. Perfect team. Dean and ‘his rough-tough sexy cowboy’ attitude. Sam and his witty comebacks. Castiel, the powerful angel and his innocence with human life. Bobby and his funny sarcastic remarks. The chemistry between these characters just oozed out from every corners of the television. Heh.

After 6 seasons of Supernatural, safe to say, am now a huge huge fan of the series. And I love the song played at the beginning of every finale of every season, ‘Carry On My Wayward Son’ by Kansas. Classic! 

Oh, and here’s a little something that made me go aawww… One and off in the series, Sam or Dean will flash back during their younger years. And here’s them, with the kids who play little Dean and little Sam. Pretty alike, don’t ya think ? *melts*


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