Battleship 2012

Was really looking forward to this show when there were many good reviews from friends. Though I’ll admit, I wasn’t expecting much. But the movie was WAY beyond my expectations. For a 2 hour plus movie, I barely felt like anytime past. Too absorbed into the show. Not a single boring moment. Packed with actions, suspense, intensity, and humour. Considering its about the same kinda shows, robots, aliens and all, Battleship is SO much better than Transformers : Dark Of The Moon!

Main character Taylor Kitsch was a pleasant surprise bout half hour into the movie. I thought he was gonna go about with that awful mop on his head for the entire movie! Thank God it was chopped off when he joined the Navy. Chopped short! And boy, finally, he starts to look good. No more ‘John Carter’ mop on his head. Good looking as he looks, he never appealed to me, somehow. Heh. But still, his role here as Lt. Alex Hopper is pretty cool. Kinda hated the character in the beginning. But after brother Stone Hopper’s death, Alex Hopper became pretty cool. Charming at times even. However, throughout the show, there’s one thing that is very evident. And that fact is, Taylor Kitsch is short. Very short. Gosh! He’s like shorter than ALL the men in this movie!

Charming and all he may be, if you ask me, Taylor Kitsch falls short of fellow co-star Tadanobu Asano who plays Captain Nagata. He may not be the good looking guy in the movie and all that, but there’s just that something about him, that catches your attention. He looks much more appealing in the movie. Not sure why can’t find a good screenshot of him online. But here’s another picture of him at the premier. Not bad eh? =) Not good looking, but a little sexy somehow. Heh. A little. Like very tiny little. Lol!

Alex Hopper’s girlfriend, Samantha Shane, played by Brooklyn Decker is a huge surprise to me. A physical therapist in the movie, I never expected Decker to be able to play the tough role. Don’t be fooled by the above pretty sight. She actually toughened up later on in the show. Heh. Kinda. Pretty good.

But if you ask me, the biggest surprise in this movie is songstress Rihanna. Totally unexpected. Her performance is splendid!It was nothing like the Rihanna we’re so used to. It’s like she left Rihanna behind and became this Petty Officer (GM2) Cora Raikes. Tough chick. Slightly sarcastic. Rihanna has outdone almost all her fellow songstress who ventured into the acting career. I hope there will be more of her in the coming movies on the big screen.

The so-called ‘bad guys’ here ain’t that frightening. At all. But still lived up to expectations, nonetheless. =)

Would I watch this again? Yes. In the cinema? I don’t mind. Buy the DVD to keep and re-watch? Hell yeah!


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