BSB IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG! Forget my age. I’m effin’ excited that KEVIN RICHARDSON IS COMING BACK TO BSB FOR GOOD!!! My all time favourite boyband. Finally complete again. Even though Kev is never my favourite Backstreet Boy (Brian is the one, hee!), it is never the same without him. Somehow, BSB has to be complete with all 5 members before it feels right. I kinda lost track of them for the few years Kev was away, sticking mainly to listening to their songs only. But now, HECK! Kev’s back and BSB is going back on top! And I’m back being one crazy BSB fan! Woot!

Saw the announcement on Backstreet Boys’ FaceBook page. Heart leapt for joy. 20120515-142216.jpg

20120515-142229.jpgBut somehow, seeing it in writing is a little different from hearing it myself. Maybe cause you don’t know for sure if it’s for real. I mean its from FaceBook, and even when its their official page, MAYBE they can make mistakes. Hence, I watched the “Backstreet Boys makes an announcement” on the Backstreet Boys official website. And here’s a YouTube video of it.

This time, after watching the video, not only my heart leapt for joy, I was leaping everywhere for joy, physically. Mum had to ask me if I went mad. Seriously. Lol.

This is so dope! I can’t wait for their next album. Their next tour! I hope they stop by Asia. I wanna go for their concert! Excited. Haha. And just for the sake of it, just let me say……………………….

BACKSTREET’S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


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