Jensen Is Hot, Vic Is Sweet

It takes 2 men to make my Saturday. One made me smile just by looking at him. The other warms my heart with his thought. Hee!

Pleasantly surprised when Vic sent me this on Saturday morning with a note, “See wad I found on my fb newsfeed hehe”. 20120515-141802.jpgI smiled so wide, I didn’t think at that time my mouth would go back to its normal shape. Lol! Jensen Ackles! So far has never failed to make me smile. And the fact that Vic actually remembered that I like Jensen Ackles and thought of me enough to save the pic and send it to me? Warms the heart thoroughly. =) Though I suspect, it was sent partly also to fondly tease me over my obsession over Jensen. Lol!

Definitely made my day. As a matter of fact, it made my weekend, seeing as the effect lasted past Saturday and I was still walking around with a slight dopey smile on my face on Sunday. Lol! It’s obvious I love Jensen Ackles, haha! But heart Vic so much for making my day. It’s great to have him as one of my closest friends. *big smiles* =) Goes to show how a simple small thought can go a long way.


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