Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day, we kept it simple. Simple but sweet. =) Got mum a pint of her favourite Baskin Robbins ice-cream and made her a special CD of the songs she loved from way back then. It’s actually really hard to find the songs in the shops, so I kinda gotta search through the net and downloaded them. Took me more than a week to find all those songs. But am glad I did. Secretly slipped it into her car the night before Mother’s Day. So she had a pleasant surprise when she started her car on Sunday afternoon. The smile on mum’s face? Priceless. =)

We decided to go to CRC Restaurant for a nice yummy dinner. Boy, the restaurant was so packed. Lucky for us, we got a place for just the 2 of us. Hee! Ordered the famous ‘Curry Prawns With ManTou’, the ‘Honey Lemon Chicken’ and the ‘ Braised Tofu Special’.
One of the yummiest meal ever. At least to me. I find the food here of pretty high quality and standard. Some may look plain, but wait till you take a bite. You’ll know what I mean.
20120515-142027.jpgFor example, the ‘Braised Tofu Special’. When it was served, I kinda twitched my nose a little. It looks bland. And boring. Lol! Seriously. But the tofu taste absolutely delicious. Think they may have made the tofu themselves? I don’t know. But it taste a little different from normal tofu, in a really good way. Heh.

Then there’s the ‘Honey Lemon Chicken’. Sounds common. Yet. But the taste is wonderful. Sweet, but not over the board. And the sweetness actually comes from within. It’s not only coated on the exterior of the chicken. Sprinkled with garlic slices, which I find a little annoying, cause I really don’t like garlic, so I had to pick out the cubes, piece by piece. But it was so worth it. =)

But my favourite has to be the ‘Curry Prawns With Mantou’. Simple amazing! I am not sure, but I think the mantou/bread is handmade by the chefs of this restaurant. Soft, with the slightly crunchy ‘skin’. And the curry is simply delicious! Dip the ‘mantou’ into the curry and you just get a little taste of heaven. Haha. It’s a dish I always order if I go to the CRC Restaurant for my meals. Absolutely loving it!

All in all, mum and I had an awesome Mother’s Day. Am glad mum had a great time. Despite all the crazy fights and disagreements and laughters, I love my mum. She’s awesome! =) 


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