Dinner @ CHEERS

20120517-114227.jpgAngie recommended us to CHEERS Restaurant & Bierhaus for Imee’s belated birthday dinner last night. Kinda glad she did. Like the place. Not too fancy, but fancy enough. Lol! Somewhat cozy, and the food is pretty above averaged. Pricing damn reasonable. I’d go as far to say the ‘set lunch’ is really cheap! But we didn’t have that of course. We ordered à la carte for dinner.

20120517-114248.jpgSurprisingly though, they gave us this ‘Vegetable Soup’ complementary even when there’s no set dinners available. I actually secretly wondered if its cause they were thinking they probably won’t have many customers coming in on a rainy night, and they soup will be put to waste. Heh.

20120517-114257.jpgWe had the ‘Cheesy Cocktail Sausages’ for appetizers. Not particularly ‘out-of-this-world’ yummy, but the dips is nice. A mix of mayo and cheese I think. Purely sinful. Lol! The sausages were just normal. Think Brussels serves better sausages. =) 20120517-114312.jpgThe birthday girl ordered ‘CHEERS Seafood Platter’. Didn’t really hear her comments on it. But the bite fish she offered me tasted well above averaged. But that’s just apart of the dish. There’s still the mussels (which I’m never a fan of), the prawns, etc etc. Angie had the ‘CHEERS Citrus Smoked Duck Breast’. The sause is somewhat unique. At first I thought it’s with a tinge of lemon. But Angie later corrected me saying its actually with the taste of orange. Hhmmm. A little too sweet for my liking, but other than that, this dish is quite nice. The duck is a little hard to chew on though. Haha.

20120517-114326.jpgI had the ‘CHEERS Seafood Chicken’. This, I can safely say, is incredibly yummy. Think its agreed by Imee and Angie as well. Grilled and baked chicken topped with a layer of cheese and seafood, coated with mandarin orange sauce. Incredible. The taste of all these layers just blends beautifully together. And I gotta say, I’m never a fan od cheese, but the cheese here is just nice. After downing the entire dish, I don’t get the usual ‘jelak’ feeling I get from eating cheese. Lol! I would definitely recommend this to anyone who’s planning to hit CHEERS for a meal. =)

We ordered a ‘Banana Split’ for dessert. I was surprised. At RM 5.90, its like the cheapest ‘Banana Split’ I’ve ever eaten. However, its the first time I’ve ever seen a ‘Banana Split’ being served this way (‘Banana Split’ is usually served in a long horizontal desert bowl).

20120517-114336.jpgI actually find it a little obscene, having it shaking in my face when the waiter tried to place it down on the table. Imee and I burst out laughing on the spot. Angie being the typical naive one in the group, thought it looked like a bunny. Bunny. Something that never even crossed Imee and my mind. Lol!

Ended the night with ‘Savanna Dry Cider’. A drink Melvyn koko recommended me the last time he was back in Penang. Nice.
It was a good night of food, drinks, laughter, gossips and girl talks. And we had fun. Simply nice fun. =) Friends whom we just feel comfortable with, whom we have fun chillin’ with and whom we can chat freely with, are great friends. People to keep for a lifetime. =) It used to be a bigger group. People come, people go. But the 3 of us seems to be the ones that manage to pull through it all. Hee! =)



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