Brand New Old iPod

After a year of accidentally ‘misplacing’ my iPod, it popped up suddenly today. Made me damn happy. Finally, I don’t have to rely fully on my iPhone for songs. Not that I really mind using the iPhone for songs, but its just that, I don’t put all the songs into the phone, probably only bout 500, where else on my iPod, I sync all the songs there, which is in 4 digits figure. Hee! Blissful!

But lo behold! When I connected it to the wifi, 49 app updates greeted me. I deleted 4 apps that I no longer use, And I have 45 app updates left. How productive.20120523-123530.jpgSat in gym, nearly 45 minutes trying to get it all updates. Gave up after that. Went home, updated the OS, and behold, revert everything to factory settings. Cleared the entire iPod. Very effective way to get rid of the updates. Lol! Doesn’t matter to me though. Sync all the songs back in, the videos, and that’s sufficient for me. *happy*


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