Snow White And The Huntsman

Ok. Been really looking forward to this movie since the other version of the really funny and childish movie based on Snow White, ‘Mirror Mirror‘ was released. Expected myself to love this darker version of Snow White better. And I am right. Damn right.

Given that Kristen Stewart stars in this show, I have to say, this show still somehow captures me. And really, it has nothing to do with the fact that Chris Hemsworth is the other main character. Really. Though he is downright sexy. Lol! Maybe its the fact that its like a darker and more adult version of a fairytale. Believable. Real. Yeah, I know. Fairytale and real may not go together, but that’s exactly what this show does. Except maybe for the part where Snow White wakes up on a beach and miraculously, there’s a clean white horse waiting for her out of nowhere. A little too cheesy. Kinda made me think, might as well put a unicorn. Lol! But that’s the one ‘meh’ part of the show for me. =)

Kristen Stewart actually surprised me. Given her somewhat expressionless, or rather one constant expression, in the Twilight series, this ‘Snow White And The Huntsman’ does bring back some credit to her acting skills. Not particularly awesome, but not bad and bland either. Think she actually fits the solemn, tough but girly Snow White. Plus, can’t deny she’s fair. Lol!Love the idea of a warrior princess. Not the bimbo kinda like the one in Mirror Mirror. But a proper warrior princess. Snow White the warrior princess. Niceee. Yeah. I’m a sucker for Disney Princesses. Doesn’t matter if they turn it a little dark and adult-ish. Haha. Kristen Stewart may look a little funny in the fighting scenes, but damn she’s got the fire. And that just does the trick. And I gotta say, she really makes messy and dirty looks pretty. No doubt there.

What’s Snow White without the evil queen right? Charlize Theron pulled off the evil ‘fairest of them all’ look beautifully. She truly looks like she’s ‘fairest of them all’ in most scenes. Breathtaking. Which is not surprising. Charlize Theron is kinda famous for her beauty anyway. But the evilness reflected in her as the wicked queen? Perfect. The eerie calmness of the queen in the face of failure or the eccentric look in the eyes when she realizes she may lose her beauty and youth, Charlize Theron does a splendid job portraying them.

Chris Hemsworth. Bless my soul. A whole body of sexy hunk. Not to mention sexy voice and sexy accent. Yeah. It’s obvious I like Chris Hemsworth. Lol! Though I would like to clarify, still falls short of Jensen Ackles. =) But its Snow White And The Huntsman in question now. So yeah, Chris Hemsworth as the huntsman is a downright sexy hunk. I’m never a fan of axe as a weapon. But I gotta say, am glad they didn’t let him use a sword. That would be like degrading his masculinity. Heh. Somehow, the axe suits him just fine. As a matter of fact, he makes using axe hot. Lol! The huntsman’s attitude of “I-would-rather-die-than-let-you-know-I-care-bout-you” protectiveness over Snow White is really way too sweet. Not that am complaining though. Haha.

Now we come to the prince charming. Or somewhat. At least the closest we have to a prince. Sam Claflin. Definitely in the pretty boy category. And really fitting as the ‘prince charming’ for this show. However,  young pretty boy never really gets my interest. I may go “Oh, he’s cute” or “Oh, he’s hot”, but I’ll never really be interested in them. Personally, I prefer older men. Like Hemsworth. Or, definitely, Ackles. Lol! But 26 year old Sam Cliflin, handsome as he maybe, doesn’t really leave an impression on me. Besides, his role as William kinda pales in comparison of Stewart, Theron and Hemsworth’s vibrant roles. Its a good thing he’s an archer. Adds a little colour to the character, just a little. Nonetheless, Claflin did do a good job as William, Snow White’s childhood buddy and first love (or so).

A little agitated as I was, I’ll still say, I thought it is great that they decided to leave the love story hanging when the show ends. Kinda makes it more of a Snow White story, than a adult version of a sappy love fairytale. Kinda adds the edge and a seriousness to the show. Made it somewhat an even more respectable show, in my opinion. Heh.

Favourite part of the show? The amazing twist in the true love’s kiss. Apparently, ‘prince charming’ (in this case, the duke’s son) is not Snow White’s true love. At least his kiss didn’t wake her up from the dead. It was this kiss that did the job.

Think it made the movie near perfect to know that not every true love has to be a prince charming. This scene actually made me go “Aawwww…” =)

Note : One of those movies I’d buy and keep, then watch it when I’m free or feeling crappy. Lol!

What The Heck?!!??!!

I can’t even begin to express my amusement and horror when I first read this status update on FaceBook. Never knew feelings of amusement and horror can co-exist at the same time until now.

Kinda speechless actually. The state…… standard…… level of English, is simply atrocious! I don’t even know where to start pinpointing the mistakes, let alone start correcting them. The only good thing ? Well, I think anyone with an average command of the English Language would be able to somehow grasp what the status means. But it still doesn’t warrant the use of such horrible English Language. It is so bad, it even went past the mark for being funny.

“.. BROKING a trust..” Really?! I really can’t comprehend……


Typical. From Episode 1 of Season 1 Supernatural, Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester caught my attention. And as the series develops, it just gets worse, resulting in me getting obsessed over him. Haha. I’m so used to the feeling now. Anything Jensen Ackles and I go “Aahhhh~~~”. Lol. Anyways, needless to say, am quite familiar with some of his lines in the movie. One of his famous quotes is…

“Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole.” – Dean Winchester

Hooked onto this phrase almost immediately. At that time, I just thought it sounded cool, roughly knowing what it means. But heck, my English ain’t perfect, and I was a little lost in the use of the word ‘shotgun’.

Decided to look it up. Google, of course. And then finally, Urban Dictionary is the way to go. Haha. There are quite a few different meanings to ‘shotgun’. But the most common and popular ones are as follows…

1) The obvious one. A kind of gun. 

2) The meaning that fits perfectly into Dean Winchester’s quote. It’s also by far, the most popular usage for the word. 

3) Something I’d like to try someday. Heh. Sounds cool. To do the action and to use the word in that sense. Lol.

And there you go. A little English Language lesson. Am sure ‘shotgun’ is gonna be one of my favourite word to use for quite some time. Big thanks to Jensen Ackles of course. (If I may say again… Am so far gone for him.. Lol!)

Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who’s The Fairest Of Them All?

It’s kinda funny, but in a real pleasing way.

I remembered Chiet commenting that Denise is like Snow White in the whatsapp group chat that we have. And we were all teasing Joshua and Denise over it. Not the couply teasing, but just based on the fact of one saying the other is like Snow White.

So was kinda surprised or rather a little taken aback the first few seconds when someone told me “You’re as fair as Snow White”. This person does not know Chiet or Denise, so its a little surprising to hear the compliment less than 2 weeks after Chiet’s comment on Denise. Such coincidence. Haha. Know him well enough that he rarely compliments me, opting more towards teasing me and making my life miserable sometimes. Haha. Great friend, of course. Sincerely speaking. Lol. And funny as it is, it’s kinda pleasing too. Heh. Made me smile and feel warm.

Goes to show, a sincere compliment, no matter how small, will warm a person’s heart and make their day. Specially a girl’s. Haha!

I Miss My Long Hair

Ok. So I saw these styles posted on FaceBook two weeks back. Have always loved the different kinda hairstyles that we can mess around with, with long hair. But I usually just settle for a pony or a half pony. Now that I’ve cropped my hair off for two years in a row, seeing these pics makes me wanna grow my hair again, so maybe one day, I’ll be able to try all these different styles. 20120624-183238.jpg

20120624-183305.jpgSo its been decided. I’m gonna grow my hair. *determined* Though I dunno how long I’ll last with the long hair. Haha. I used to have long hair for 7-8 years. But December 2010, Decided to crop it off short. So with moral support from Chris, we went to the saloon and chop it all off, way above my shoulder. Since then, I haven’t been having able to keep long hair for long. Keep being tempted to crop it off. Hence, here’s to hoping I will last this time. Haha!