Men In Black 3

Waited 10 years for this. Gotta say, I loved the first ever Men In Black, 15 years ago. Not too sure about the sequel, Men In Black 2. This one, however, as entertaining as is it (MIB always is, anyway), it still falls short of the first show, in my opinion. Humour, nailed. Casts, nailed. Storyline, meh.

Will Smith, is, as usual, awesomely funny in his role as Agent J. He’s a natural as the fun, bubbly, humourous, a little annoying-but-lovable Agent J. Think its just born to him. Or maybe, that’s somewhat his exact personality as Will Smith. But then again, I remembered how he acted in ‘I Am Legend’, and it just settles in my mind, maybe he’s just a good actor. Wouldn’t go as far to say great, but definitely good.

Was a little shocked by Tommy Lee Jones. Boy, he looks so old now. And the make-up looks so fake on him. Making his face looks overly fair and bloated. Not to mention way older than his age of 65. Not in the particular picture above, but rather in many scenes in the show. But still, silly sarcasm oozes out of his lines without any effort. He actually has a lot less screen time compared to the first two shows. Not really sure if I like that. Always think he and Smith make a good pair. On a side note, I actually think that the thing Tommy Lee Jones is holding in the picture is cute. Haha!

Then again, there’s the ‘young Agent K’. Josh Brolin. New to the cast of MIB.Much as I find myself hating to admit it, there’s just this something about Josh Brolin that is somewhat charming, bordering on a little sexy, despite his age. Gives me a little ‘daredevil-James-Bond’ kinda feel, ya know? Looking at him again and again, I really don’t find him good looking. Would prolly rate him just slightly above average. But there’s just something that got my attention about him. Something that makes me slightly attracted. Heh. Josh Brolin does a splendid job being the slightly cocky young Agent K. Haha.

The villain here, really don’t look that threatening, or scary, at all. Boris The Animal. Oh no. Not scary at all. Until he unfurls that crazy disgusting thing in his mouth. I don’t even wanna put a pic of that. It’s actually not scary. Just gross. It’s just pure disgusting to see that in a mouth. Haha. I have to say though, he looks like a pretty dumb villain. Nevertheless, dumb but vicious.

Not many female casts in this show. But I think, Emma Thompson looks absolutely stunning with the slicked back short hair. A sight of power, poise and elegance. Something I hope I’ll look like when I grow that old. Heh. =)

The character/cast that I absolutely loath in Men In Black 3 is none other than the slutty looking airhead. She should just stick to singing, and flaunting off her sex-bod in her MTV videos. And PLEASE stay clear of acting or being a judge in any reality shows. For the record, she sucked bad being one of the judges in X-Factor too!

Men In Black 3? Wasn’t impressed. But was entertained.


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