So Far Gone

So far gone this time.

And the obsession continues. (LOL)

Developing certain habits simply cause someone else made it cool, is just so not me. But when that someone happens to be the celebrity crush, Jensen Ackles, well, logic mind gives way to the airhead in me.

Started to get addicted to chewing gums lately. Yup. That’s right. Chewing gums. It’s not hard for me. On the contrary, it comes naturally. Maybe cause I’ve developed this habit when I was younger only to drop it when I entered university. Have always loved chewing gum. Heh. Hence, seeing my biggest celebrity crush ever chewing gums everywhere he went, specially at the conferences he attended, the little puppy fan in me could not help but pick up my old habit and followed him. *blush* Like I said, so far gone. Heh.

Then there’s the sudden desire to pick up drinking coffee. Have always seen my friends drinking coffee like its drug and wondered if its really that nice. Always on the edge of wanting to try having my first cup of coffee and see if its all so ‘awakening and refreshing’ as it is rumoured. Guess Mr. Jensen Ackles gave me the little nudge to take the jump. Lol. He’s pretty much a coffee person I guess. Hence, I had my first ever own cup of coffee, in the cold winter of Perth, Australia. Advised by cousin G, I started with mocha, a mix of coffee and chocolate. Then the next morning, I had black coffee with milk and sugar, prepared by Kelly, my lovely cousin-in-law. Had to say though, in the cold mornings, the coffee does certainly feels like a ‘perk-me-up’. =) During my span of 11 days in Perth, on and off I had coffee, homemade or bought. Am not addicted but really starting to really like the taste of coffee. Chocolate will still, and most probably always, be my ‘pick-me-up’s. But coffee is quickly becoming one of my favourite. Haven’t had a cup since I got back, but I will, soon… =)

Oh boy, the only person who could turn me into a ‘teenager-girly-puppy~ish’ fan. At the age of 26. Ugh. So far gone. Lol.


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