BodyStep 88 & Sh’bam 8

One word. Disappointed.

Kinda boring. Actually, scratch that. Boring. Plain boring. With the exception of the last song before cool down, ‘No Tears (Enough Is Enough)’. There’s 2 other tracks in the middle that I kinda like the moves (certain moves, anyway). But can’t really remember the tracks. Maybe will be able to grasp them better after going for the class a second time this week. Hopefully will find it better. Though, ain’t putting much hope though. Sigh.

I thought the class was never gonna end. For the first time ever. And it has nothing to do with Alan’s instructing. He’s good. No argument there. It’s just the release. Purely the release. Can’t find even a single song that I really like. The tracks are mostly bland to me. And some even felt never ending! Oh no, wait. There’s a song I like. ‘Love On Top’ by Beyonce, and that’s the cool down. Other than that, meh. The conditioning tracks are bearable. Not bad actually. Track 1 all the way to 10… Hhmmm… I’m really hoping my second time doing the release next week will prove my opinions wrong. Heh.

To add a little more, I REALLY MISS BODYJAM. Sigh.


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