YouTube Sensations

I’m having a really strong opinion that they’re so much better than most of the real-life Hollywood artistes. There’s just so many of them talented guys and girls out there. And the good ones, their coves are most of the time, much better than that of the original singers. Have always known that. Downloaded a couple of my favourite covers randomly here and there, but never really delved into it. Not until hearing a whole lot, and I mean a whole LOT, of them playing in Desmond’s car in Perth. Of all the cars I rode in during my time in Perth, Des’ plays the nicest songs. All covers. Mostly acoustics. And that nice sweet boyfriend of my cousin, actually burned a copy of all the covers from the YouTube sensations that he felt was nice for me before I left. Bless my soul. More than 100 songs. Loved them all. Now? While surfing the net, I’ll search and download nice covers that I like, collecting more and more songs that are actually beautiful (but sometimes ruined by the original version).

Sometimes (most of the times, in my opinion), songs are nice when their melodies and lyrics are not overpowered by all the funky sounds the producer puts in. Right to the core. Just the guitar and the voice. Or maybe throw in a piano and a little beat. Without all the fancy fancy sounds. Sometimes, the most beautiful songs are the simplest ones.

I’ve linked some of my favourite YouTube sensations that is definitely worth the attention and checking out :

Janice and Sonia – Jayesslee
Tyler Ward – TylerWardMusic
Boyce Avenue – boyceavenue
Gerald Ko – singindork888
David Choi – davidchoimusic
Odi Acoustic – ThirdCucumber
Jason Chen – miniachilles
Alex Goot – gootmusic
Karmin – karmincovers
Josh Herbert – joshherbertmusic 

These are only the few good ones that I remember, or recommended by Des. There are others, and I’m still searching and YouTube-ing whenever I have free time. And let me just say, I enjoy listening to them much more that the original singers. Heh.

Note : Except for a very small handful of songs. One of them being ‘Party Rock Anthem’ by LMFAO. So far, haven’t come across a cover that’s nicer than the original. Guess for this song, I gotta say, “Good job, LMFAO”? haha!


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