I Miss My Long Hair

Ok. So I saw these styles posted on FaceBook two weeks back. Have always loved the different kinda hairstyles that we can mess around with, with long hair. But I usually just settle for a pony or a half pony. Now that I’ve cropped my hair off for two years in a row, seeing these pics makes me wanna grow my hair again, so maybe one day, I’ll be able to try all these different styles. 20120624-183238.jpg

20120624-183305.jpgSo its been decided. I’m gonna grow my hair. *determined* Though I dunno how long I’ll last with the long hair. Haha. I used to have long hair for 7-8 years. But December 2010, Decided to crop it off short. So with moral support from Chris, we went to the saloon and chop it all off, way above my shoulder. Since then, I haven’t been having able to keep long hair for long. Keep being tempted to crop it off. Hence, here’s to hoping I will last this time. Haha!


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