McDonald’s Twin Twist Sundae Cone

I wish McDonald’s will bring back the Twin (chocolate-vanilla) Twist Sundae Cone, that looks like the one below. Nope, the pic below is bought at a night market, which tasted really different as compared to the McDonald’s, even if it looks alike.
20120731-142428.jpgIt’s my favourite McDonald’s ice-cream to date even though it’s been discontinued for more than 10-15 years in Malaysia. So much better than all the sundaes McDonald’s is selling now. If only they’ll bring it back. Hhmmm.

The Beauty Under

20120729-230244.jpgNothing can be truer. Have seen people who workout like crazy trying to look athletic and hot, putting an inch makeup on their faces, but live their life behind a mask. It’s a sad thing. Hiding behind superficial beauty. This is a fact I gotta remember more often, if I don’t wanna end up like them.

20120729-230250.jpgConfidence is the key. Heh. Another lesson for me to learn. =)

20120729-230256.jpgIt always boils down to this.
Wanna look pretty? Be your true self.
Want people to like you? Be your true self.
Want the right guy to love you? Be your true self.

Here & There In Life

20120728-172036.jpgYup. I definitely needed this encouragement. The first week is pretty tough to get by. Am glad its nearly over and it’s slowly, very subtly but surely, getting easier. =)

20120728-172046.jpgGuilty. Definitely.

20120728-172051.jpgDon’t I agree! But beware. Not everybody appreciates the true real people. They sometimes prefer to digest the ‘sugar-coated stories and acts’. So, advice? Never be fake. Be true, but stay away from people who don’t know how to appreciate your true-ness. They’re not worth it.

Boys Of The Past & Present

There’s barely any dance classes left in gym. So, I decided to look for the old MTVs (old meaning those in my teenage years, the 90’s/2000-2003) to dance to, or rather to learn the dance choreos then dance it out. Something I plan to do when I don’t hit the gym, dance. Used to do that during my middle school years, but have stopped since I stepped into high school. Decided to pick it up again. Backstreet Boys, N*Sync, Britney Spears, High School Musical, and I even got some new ones like those performed by Heather Morris in Glee. Damn, but she’s a great dancer.

Anyway, the process brought back memories of the boyband-era when me and my friends were somewhat boyband crazy. Top on my list? Backstreet Boys, without a doubt. Then there is Westlife and N*Sync as well, not forgetting a1. Sure reminded me of all our discussions over who’s our favourite band member. It’s been at least more than 10 years since I really checked on news of my favourite band members. So, I decided to google them up again and see what they’ve become, just for the fun of it. Bear in mind, I was a 13-16 year old teeny bopper then.

First up, from my top favourite boyband, the Backstreet Boys. My favourite member? Brian Thomas Littrel. What I liked bout him? His wavy, dirty blonde hair. His pleasant smile. His really nice voice. And most of all, he is very God-loving. I actually find that very attractive. Since I last checked, he has gone solo for a Christian album, releasing a few singles, one of them being ‘In Christ Alone’ which is one of my favourite songs. Then the BSB re-grouped without Kevin, until bout 2 months back when they announced officially the return of Kevin to the band. NOW, finally, I feel BSB is complete again. *happy* Guess I’ll always be a BSB fan. 😉 Anyway, more than 10 years after he started out in the industry, I gotta say, he don’t look half that bad. Definitely more wrinkles to the face. But the pleasant crinkle by the eyes are still there, though deeper. Truth be told, he looked like he didn’t age a lot, probably only grown more matured (in the ‘wiser’ sense not the ‘older’ sense) looking. Still looks good. =)

Up next, Westlife. Favourite member? Nicholas Bernerd James Adam Byrne Jr. @ Nicky Byrne. This fella caught my attention with his smile. His boy-ish, cute-ish smile. Also, his sparkling bluish eyes.He was never the lead singer in Westlife. But somehow, he caught a lot of attention. Must be his pretty boy looks, I supposed. Married former Ireland Prime Minister’s daughter, Georgina Ahern. Stuck with Westlife all the way until they disbanded recently, this year. More than 10 years after he first caught my attention, he definitely ain’t the pretty cute boy anymore. Good looking features still can be seen, but he does look a tad older. Still can be classified as looking way above averaged. Don’t know bout his career though. Heh. 😛

I saved the best, or rather the most shocking one for last. N*Sync. Favourite member? Joshua Scott Chasez @ JC Chasez. Well, he has the best voice in N*Sync if you minus Justin Timberlake’s slightly feminine one. Plus, he can be considered the best looking, relatively speaking, to the rest of the band members. Timberlake is good looking no doubt. But at that age, I really can’t stand the maggi noodles on his head. Heh. 😉 Hence, JC inched forward and became my favourite member of N*Sync. I remember I used to have an issue with his fashion sense though. JC Chasez in my opinion, at that time, had one of the worst fashion sense I’ve even know, almost always dressing in really ‘ugh’ clothes. I remembered him wearing a black long-sleeved lace top for a performance once. My favourite member of N*Sync he might be, I still can’t help gagging then, or even now as I recall. Anyway, more than 10 years later, I almost got a heart attack when I googled him up. Oh boy. He looks really old! He’s supposed to be only 35. And for guys, that’s their prime time! No offence but he looks about almost 10 years older than Nicky Byrne who is only 2 years younger than him, and also Brian Littrell who is a year older than him! I wish I could say he looks the ‘graceful aged’, but this is the best picture I could find of him. Others aren’t so flattering. Heh. Oh well, too bad. Going solo didn’t work too well for him, hence he went into songwriting and producing songs for other artistes.

Others that I looked up are Christian Ingebrigtsen of a1 and Ritchie Neville of 5ive. Erm, these two don’t fair too well either. Ingebrigtsen though did okay in his own country, Norway. Ritchie is pretty much a mess when I tried to read up news on him.

Of course with all these discussions on the guys, I can’t help comparing them to my still on-going celebrity crush that I have finally given up trying to get over. Mr Jensen Ackles. Now I know why he’s my biggest celebrity crush ever, hitting so deep even when I’m freaking 26 years old! Lol! Not only he can play the guitar and sing like all the guys mentioned above, he can act really well too. Add in his slightly shy and humble personality, he’s pretty much golden. And if we put his talents and enchanting personality aside, based on physical appearance alone, it’s very safe to say, the older he grows, the better he looks. That’s actually saying a lot when he’s already really good looking 10 years ago.Sad to say, never knew him then. Haha. Only started noticing him after watching Supernatural. 🙂 Anyway, Jensen Ackles went from looking cutely handsome more than a decade ago (above), to looking hotly and sexily handsome now (below).And just one more for the sake of Supernatural. Jensen as Dean Winchester. Personality, talents, looks.
Inner, checked. Outer, checked.
Need I say more? =)

It was good reliving one of the fun old school days’ craze today. The boyband craze. I think no matter how old we are, those from the boyband-era will always treasure those crazy times we had during our younger years. Memorizing lyrics, learning dance moves, reading up the biodatas of our favourite band members, etc etc. And did all that while completing homework and studying for exams!!! Haha!! Oh how I miss the good old days. =)

Tom Yum Maggi @ Village Coffee Shop

Finally found the picture for this. The first time I went to Village Coffee Shop for their ‘tom yum maggi’ was roughly 2 years back, with Chris. Then, I haven’t been back there till 2 months ago with Melissa, Alan and Christ. Almost forgot how yummy the tom yum is. 20120727-183643.jpgYou can choose from a variety of ingredients to add into your bowl of ‘tom yum maggi’. Ranging from seafood like fish, soft shell crab and prawns to random stuff like fishballs, veggies and mushrooms. I’ll usually add the fried fish fillets and the quail eggs. Spicy enough, with a strong taste of tom yum, it is simply delicious. Kinda got me going back almost every week.

Located along the Chew Jetty, Penang, the Village Coffee Shop may not be all posh and glamous (as a matter of fact, it’s just the opposite), but its yummy tom yum attracts lots of people there. Though, my advice is to go there at night, for those people like me who can’t really take spicy stuff, cause at least it’ll be slightly more cooling. Heh.