3 Years, No Change

Ok. I’ve seen this exact same status update for quite a number of times now, from the same person, in the past 3 years. Now what I really don’t understand is, after 3 years, there is still no realization on the person’s part on the wrongness of her quote. Anyone would have thought, after a couple years, you’d have learned and grown and improved.

I really have no idea what the person is trying to convey. If we take the sentence for its literal meaning, I seriously don’t think it makes much sense. But if we don’t, I can’t help but wonder if it is some kinda code. Cause God help me, I totally don’t understand this version of English Language. Maybe people should try start Google-ing for the correct use of English. I mean, its alright if a person ain’t really good in English. But if you know you’re gonna use the language frequently, please try your level best to improve it. I won’t even begin to explain how wrong the above sentence sounds. Gosh.


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