Pink Spoon

So I went to Alice Gourmet at the Batu Lanchang Market Food Court. Am not sure why its called gourmet, but its actually an economy rice stall. Wanted to pack my lunch back home after church then get some rest and maybe repay some of my sleep debt. Haha. I took a blue plastic take-away spoon to go with my pack. The uncle who work at the stall told me in Hokkien, “Let me take a prettier spoon for you.” He then took away my blue spoon and replace it with a pink one and said, “There, nicer.” How funny is that? It sure did put a smile on my face. =)20120723-121338.jpgI guess sometimes, we never notice how sometimes the small little things we do for people just out of sincerity may help put that small smile on their face.


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