Training Wheels

20120723-121620.jpgGuess what? I can confidently say, I experienced all these firsthand. Some I passed with flying colours. Others ? Epic failure. Sometimes, I just lose it. Ended up ranting to God and even putting the blame on him sometimes. Though when I’m calm and clear minded, I know He’s shaping me into a better person. But in the midst of storms and hurricane, I’m not allowed that luxury to reason with myself. And I’m a little ashamed to say, many times now, I let my faith fall off the cliff, or rather take a big dive over the cliff into the rocks below. But God never fails, even when I did. I’m glad no matter how far off the trail I go, He is able to pull me back to the right track. It doesn’t matter if it take days or weeks or months, or even years.

I’ve let myself fall deeper and deeper heading for the sharp jagged rocks for a few years now. So glad I finally managed to grab onto a rope and is now slowly climbing up back to the right path. Pretty sure God threw that rope over to me. I won’t guarantee that I won’t fail some of His tests again in the future. Actually, I’m pretty sure I’ll probably still fail at some of them. But we grow and learn. At least now, I’m gonna try even harder than before to keep my faith, believing God knows the best for me and is training me into the better person I’m supposed to be.

Being on training wheels is always hard, but it will all pay off when the wheels come off.
Sometimes we forget, sometimes we lose faith. But just remember to pick it up and go back to God.


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