Return Of Music In The Car

3 months I drove my car without my FM-modulator. The fuse blew and I never got around to get it repaired. I really don’t like driving without my music. And the radio just doesn’t do it for me. Not knowing whether to get it fixed or to buy a new one, I’ve been dragging time till finally, I couldn’t stand it anymore. My iPhone playing in the car just ain’t loud enough and the music can’t fill up the car. Hence, I decided to try fix the damn thing myself. Looked around for an electrical shop, went in and bought a 0.5A fuse, bought 3 actually (just for spare), then set to work take the FM-Modulator apart looking for the fuse, replacing the blown one with a new one, then putting everything back. And I’m proud to say now that :

1) I know how to fix a modulator
2) My car is filled with my music again!!! 😉

I guess being a Physics/Engineering student has its perks. 😛

And kudos to the person who invented the FM-Modulator. A simple yet extremely useful device. I really can’t imagine life as a driver without the existence of this thing. With it, I’m able to carry and play thousands of songs everywhere with me in my car. Just plug it into my iPod, and viola! The songs will ring out of the speakers of the car. Love it. =)


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