Single Leg Push-Ups

I saw her doing it in BodyPump class. Its amazing. Given most girls go with the Knee Push-Ups, including myself, and to see her not only on her toes, but doing Single Leg Push-Ups, its just a great motivation for me somehow. It looks really good, not to mention hot. And somehow, totally NOT masculine. Now everytime I feel like I wanna give up during gym classes, I picture the Single Leg Push-Ups and push myself on. Have kinda set that as one of my goals. To be able to that would be awesome. It’s definitely gonna take some time to achieve that, given the fact that I’m only doing Knee Push-Ups now. But, am gonna strive towards that. Guess I gotta thank God for letting me see that Single Leg Push-Ups on the first day that I started my strict ‘slim down & tone up’ plan. It’s really great motivation.


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