Tom Yum Maggi @ Village Coffee Shop

Finally found the picture for this. The first time I went to Village Coffee Shop for their ‘tom yum maggi’ was roughly 2 years back, with Chris. Then, I haven’t been back there till 2 months ago with Melissa, Alan and Christ. Almost forgot how yummy the tom yum is. 20120727-183643.jpgYou can choose from a variety of ingredients to add into your bowl of ‘tom yum maggi’. Ranging from seafood like fish, soft shell crab and prawns to random stuff like fishballs, veggies and mushrooms. I’ll usually add the fried fish fillets and the quail eggs. Spicy enough, with a strong taste of tom yum, it is simply delicious. Kinda got me going back almost every week.

Located along the Chew Jetty, Penang, the Village Coffee Shop may not be all posh and glamous (as a matter of fact, it’s just the opposite), but its yummy tom yum attracts lots of people there. Though, my advice is to go there at night, for those people like me who can’t really take spicy stuff, cause at least it’ll be slightly more cooling. Heh.


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