20120830-140241.jpgFell in love with this braid the moment I saw it. So nice!

BUT, I haven’t figured out how to do it yet. Looks kinda simple, but it’s not. Not when it is without an instruction guide and I gotta learn and try, just by staring at this picture. Specially when my hair ain’t that long, it’s even harder. Well of course, gotta take into account that I’m not really good with braiding hair. When my hair was long last time, I used to have 3 styles, and 3 styles only. Let it down, a pony tail and a half pony. Lol. But I’m learning, now. Slowly learning. With all the different braids I’ve been seeing online, I’m excited to grow my hair again. And I intend to keep it long for some time. No more cropping it off, for a while. πŸ™‚

‘Appeal Points’ : The 3 Guys

A recent karaoke session at RedBox opened my eyes towards a certain thing. 3 guys. Totally different. Displaying different personalities and behaviors. Yielding different level of attractiveness and different number of ‘appeal points’. Mich and I did wonder if age was an issue. But we seriously doubt it.

Guy number 1. Approximately 2 years younger than us. Not really sure what’s up with him. But if I were to label him, it would be ‘anti-social’. Sorta, anyway. Yes, some of them at RedBox that day are new to him. Being shy around new people is one thing, but losing your confidence is a total different thing. It’s alright to be shy, but never lose your confidence. This guy ended up being quiet and keeping to himself in a corner, almost the entire 7 hours we were singing. And boy, did we try to coax him into joining the fun, singing together and chat with us. None of the attempts were successful. Gotta say, it made him look very unattractive and very unappealing. It’s even more obvious when there are only 6 people in the room.

Guy number 2. Also approximately 2 years younger. Not as anti-social as the first. He took a while to warm up. Gradually fitting into the group. But it took hell of a coaxing to get him to slowly open up and join us in the fun. Truth be told, we were kinda getting tired of coaxing. Luckily, a friend of Mich and I, whom guy number 2 is interested in, didn’t give up on him. Lol. Finally managing to get him relax and have a little fun, towards the last hour of the singing session. Gotta say though, with the way he acted, it does gives off a slight vibe of arrogance and smugness, whether its intentional or not. And though he is pretty decent looking, the behavior he displayed the past weekend? Kinda made his ‘appeal points’ drop quite noticeably.

Guy number 3. I guess this guy did make the other two look worse. Not physically, but as a whole package. Not exceptionally good looking. Kinda average. But he carried himself well. Being the same age as Mich and I, he’s bout 2 years older than the other 2 above. He ain’t bad at singing, though not exceptionally good. But he was a good sport for it. Picking the songs he wanna sing, singing them, and even stepping up to take the mic for the songs we requested for him. Rap parts included. And even though he ain’t good at rapping and we all had a good laugh over it, it makes him fun to hang out with. He even tried coaxing the 2 guys to join in the fun, when that very day was the first day he met them. He can be a little shy sometimes, but he never let that rob the confidence he had. Put him beside those two guys, its safe to say, he scored the most ‘appeal points’, coming across as a little shy but confident, adaptable and sociable without being cocky.

Now, its obvious that looks alone won’t get you anywhere far. It’s the whole package that counts. Good personality and behavior can make a person look so much better than someone who is physically good looking but lacking personality and good behavior. Personality and behavior is what adds to the appeal points. Let me just say, ‘appeal points’ don’t only count in that romantic sense. It’s applicable also as a person, as a friend or as a good company to chill out with. Generally, high ‘appeal points’ makes a person more likable.

There’s nothing wrong with any of the guys, of course. It’s just that Mich and I suddenly realized, what kind of people makes it fun to hangout with and what kind don’t. πŸ˜‰

Can You Spot It?

20120830-140219.jpgI predict someone at The Star office is now burning on the frying pan. Heh.
I guess you can say, it’s the simplest error. But I guess it’s the most severe, seeing as the error is smack right in the middle of the headline. Not the sub-headlines, but the main headline itself. It’s actually unbelievable, coming from the national newspaper, The Star. Maybe the writer typed the entire article on her iPhone or iPad. We know how iPhones and iPads like to autocorrect out words. πŸ˜‰

Or maybe, it is correct, and I’m just a little dumb to understand the meaning of the headline.
Hhmmm, doubt it. πŸ˜‰

So, can you spot it? Heh. πŸ˜‰

A Lil’ Bout Me~! =)

I’m a girl, and this is the best makeup I can put on. I know, I’m not the super girlish kinda girl who would ace at makeup. As a matter of fact, I just learned how to use the eye-liner late last year. Lol! So on days that I need to look my best, the best makeup I can manage? A little eyebrow pencil, my eye-liner, mascara, lipstick and lip gloss. That’s all. Sad to say, I suck at eye shadow, so I avoid that. And this is the end product.20120826-184905.jpgSometimes I wish, I can be as good as other girls at makeup. But I’m never good in the ‘beauty line’ of work. I guess I just don’t have talent in that area. Oh well, at least I can do simple makeup and (thank God!) look presentable for dinners. πŸ˜‰ Happy enough. Hee!

A random fact about me?
I love big ‘housefly-eyes’ sunglasses. They’re so cool, aren’t they? I don’t think they’ll ever grow out of trend. Even if they do, I’ll still keep mine. Haha.

20120826-184936.jpgThis is my second pair, and I’m loving it! πŸ™‚

Dinner @ CHEERS Restaurant & Bierhaus

Took mum to CHEERS Restaurant & Bierhaus for dinner last Monday night. It’s her first time there. Let me just say, my mum don’t really take much during dinner. But this time, she finished all the food that we ordered, which is really surprising. The only reason I can think of? Even mum thinks the food is yummy. As far as I remember, I gave quite good recommendations on this place the last time me, Angie and Imelda went there for Imee’s birthday.

This time, mum and I ordered different dishes from the last time I was there, except for theΒ β€˜Cheesy Cocktail Sausages’. Like I said before, it’s not ‘out-of-this-world’. But it’s tasty. So I decided to order that for us while waiting for our main dishes to arrive.20120822-122325.jpgSeems like it tastes even better this time around. With a slightly crispier outer layer, the sausages together with the cheesy mayo dip makes a good appetizer. For a person who really don’t like sausages, my mum finished 4 of the 7 mini cocktail sausages before I even finished my second one. And no, she wasn’t hungry. She was complaining about being a little full before we arrived at the restaurant. πŸ˜‰

Mum had the ‘BBQ Grilled Fish’. The fish was very fresh and well-cooked. I actually like the BBQ gravy.

20120822-122335.jpgThis dish is served with mash potato and a small (very small, don’t worry) portion of fried rice. The fried rice has a unique aroma which I kinda like.

Me on the other hand, is a chicken lover. And just recently, also a bacon lover. So, it’s hard to resist ordering the ‘CHEERS Bacon Schnitzel’ when I saw it on the menu. It’s chicken that’s layered with bacon and coated with a thin later of cheese plus mushrooms. Top it with black pepper gravy. Served with mash potato and a small (very small) portion of that fragrant fried rice.20120822-122341.jpgOne word. Delicious. I’d definitely order that again the next time I’m back. It’s even nicer than what I had last time, which is the ‘CHEERS Seafood Chicken’, mentioned in my previous Dinner @ CHEERS post.Β Highly recommended. πŸ™‚

Then we had the ‘Banana Split’ for dessert. I remembered the last time we were there, the ‘Banana Split’ was served in a way that Imee and I immediately giggled when we saw it cause we can imagine a few, erm, slightly obscene, erm, things, that are similar to it. This time, glad to say, it’s not that bad. It actually just looks weird, serving a ‘Banana Split’ in a normal dessert glass cup, instead of the boat-like glass bowl most restaurants use.

20120822-122351.jpgThe ‘Banana Split’ cost only RM 6.00. Let me just say, that is VERY cheap. Besides the bananas and the love letters, at the bottom of the glass there’s also small cubes of apples. Yummy!

We sat outdoors for dinner that night. And given the weather, it was cooling. Songs played weren’t ‘boring-till-I’m-gonna-fall-asleep’ kind, but the soothing kind. A mixture of old and new songs. All in all, it’s a damn nice place for dinner with the yummy food that’s reasonably priced. Also a really nice place to chill and have drinks given the nice atmosphere.

And the surprising thing? They don’t bill us for the 6% government tax or the 10% service charge. Sweet! Would definitely recommend anyone who hasn’t been there to give it a try. You won’t regret it.

Reality Lists

20120826-184816.jpgAnd well, that is why I am gonna even attempt that. Lol! I guess the most famous one is the last one, Permanent head Damage. But what an eye-opener to see so many interpretations. Kinda true though, if you really think about it. In different ways. Heh! πŸ˜‰

One important list we should all remember… The key to get you through life..Loving number 3. Hee! Gonna make a little alteration to number 9, cause I don’t do tea. Lol. The number 9 for me would be, ‘A good cup of hot chocolate can solve just about anything.’ πŸ™‚ Everything else? Very true. And it would do us good to remember.