Just. Shut. Up.

20120801-130622.jpgHell yes! Offhand I can easily name a few people. And seriously, they may not know it that while it can be funny the first few times, its gets rather annoying after a while. Shame on them. Even worse are those who are already skinny and keep bragging about how much they workout, THEN complain to everybody that they’re so fat. So bloody obvious they are just trying to get attention and fishing for compliments. All these would be excusable if it is coming from a teenager, given the age. But if it comes from a middle aged person, well, that’s just plain shallow and bordering on cheap. Sorry if am being harsh, but I like stating facts in a straightforward manner. A person would look so much better if they don’t try so hard to seek so much attention.

If you’re worth it, people will give you the attention or compliment you deserve. Fishing for it just makes it all very douchebag-ish in a very fake way. Heh. Smirk.


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