Holding Hands

I think many people, or rather lovers, underestimate the action of holding hands. The intimacy in the simple action of lacing your fingers with your loved ones’. You see, holding someone by the waist or around the shoulders, that can be pretty common. Close friends do that sometimes when they’re really relaxed chilling out, having a laugh or a fun time together. Even friends do that when taking photos or random stuff like that. But holding one’s hand, lacing your fingers with theirs, it may not look intimate, sometimes may not even feel intimate, but you only hold the hands of your family members or your loved one. Heck, we don’t even hold our family members’ hands anymore when we grow up. We gotta learn to appreciate holding the hand of our lover. Sometimes, that means more then all the touchy, feel-y, grope-y actions that people call lovey-dovey. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying those aren’t important. Am merely stating that, we gotta learn that the simple things means just as much or sometimes, even more. =)


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