The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

So, despite the praises from almost everyone I know (or maybe it was because of the over-the-top praises from almost everyone I know), I was a little disappointed when I finally got my ass to the cinema to watch The Dark Knight Rises. I’ll say this though. It’s definitely a pretty good movie, overall.

I did sort of find the first half of the show a little draggy. Kinda gives me a feel of a slightly sluggish, slow-moving show. And I was actually getting a little restless. Though I’d definitely give a 5 star for the last hour of the show. The story-line is actually a pretty good one. But I guess when your movie one that is almost 3 hours, you’ve got to really step up your game so the viewers won’t feel the 3 hours. Normal blockbuster standard just wouldn’t cut it.

Christian Bale returns as Bruce Wayne/Batman. Feels like he’s kinda lost some of his charm. Still looking pretty good though, albeit a little old. Definitely not my kinda guy. Frankly, I don’t feel that he’s really ‘man’ enough to take on Batman. Or maybe its just the show having Bruce Wayne to be somewhat a little weak. Heh. I’ll say this so, he does himself justice when he’s all dirty and rugged towards the last hour of the show. He looks so much more ‘Batman-manly’ then, compared to being in his corporate attire or Batman costume. Actually, he looks better in a normal black t-shirt too. More menacing. More convincing as Batman. However, sadly, when he puts on the costume, it just don’t do him any good. The voice, everything, just don’t seem to build up to the image of Batman, appearing somewhat softer than usual, which actually kinda frustrates me. Hhmmm!

It’s a pleasant surprise to see Joseph Gordon-Levitt as one of the major co-stars. Boy, have he grown up since ’10 Things I Hate About You’. Portraying John Blake, the orphan who somehow discovered Batman’s true identity. I’m still wondering though, is he gonna be the future sidekick of Batman, Robin? Some review mentioned that he already played his part as ‘Robin’ in this show since he was helping Batman all the way. But personally, I hope there’ll be another show in the future where we get to see him as the actual Robin, costume, mask and all. 😉

The villain Bane, played by Tom Hardy, I’m sorry to say, falls far behind the performance of the late Heath Ledger who played Joker in the previous Batman movie, The Dark Knight. His size don’t really make him look frightening. But his voice does. Kinda sends the shivers down the spine everytime he speaks. And that mouthpiece does add a tinge of unearthly feeling to the character. I won’t say Tom Hardy didn’t do a good job, cause he did. But relatively to Heath Ledger, he does fall short of the bar. I won’t blame him though. I mean, I think many would agree, Heath Ledger’s performance as the maniac Joker (which is also one of his last performance before he passed away), is almost nearly perfect. Best Joker to date, if I may say.

Not many female character in this movie. But I guess its the quality, rather than quantity that counts right. Cause, damn, Anne Hathaway, if you ask me, is sorta a star for this show. Always taking the role of sweet girls, I never knew she could pull of the sexy, Cat-Woman with a saucy cheeky glint in her eyes. And the fact that she can switch from looking saucily hot (above) to looking elegantly classy or sweetly innocent or even as a plain jail-mate, all in one movie…… just shows that she’s a really versatile actress. And she really did a pretty good job.

I really hated Batman’s new transportation in this movie. The hideous sluggish jet/plane/flying thingy. I mean it. Such a disgrace. I’d rather he stick to his conventional Batman car which is so much more cooler. Heh. Though I’ll say, I love his bike. Now, THAT’s what I call cool, even though, it looks better being ridden by Cat-Woman than Batman himself.No offence though. But really, Cat-Woman makes the bike look not only cool but hot too! Heh! 😉

I’m not a huge fan of the Batman comic or stories, so I don’t really know the entire story. I gotta say though, the twist at the end of the show? Splendid! I was shocked out of my brains. But it just adds the spice the movie needed. =)

So great show? Yes.
But would I watch it again in the cinema? Unlike The Amazing Spider-Man, no.


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