Shallow Minded

While the majority of the people are proud of the nation’s badminton hero, Datuk Lee Chong Wei, even though he lost the Olympics Badminton Finals, there’s a minority who simply love to be a nuisance. All they can think about is how we’ll never get a public holiday and how we’ll never get free Baskin Robbins ice-cream. Making such a big fuss out of it. I mean, really?! And they just keep whining and whining about it, to the point, every time I see someone on my FaceBook or Twitter complaining about not having free ice-cream or no public holiday in their statuses, I’m tempted to just comment “Shame on you. Smirk.”

There’s there’s also the other group of people who just can’t stop condemning Lin Dan. Seriously!? That poor guy did nothing wrong. He don’t deserve the “He’s so ugly. I hate him!” or the “Ugly. Ugly. UGLY!” or “Stupid Lin Dan!”comments. Condemning him just because he defeated Lee Chong Wei in the Olympics Badminton Men’s Singles Finals brings such disgrace to Malaysia. It’s childish and it makes Malaysians look bad. Don’t be a sore loser. Be gracious and earn the world’s respect, for goodness sake! Lin Dan’s an excellent player, he deserves the gold medal. Our Datuk Lee Chong Wei is a great player too, just that maybe luck wasn’t with him this time. We’re still really proud of him though. So, just leave it at that.

Baskin Robbins in my opinion just made a big fool out of themselves. If you really wanna celebrate any of the athletes’ winnings, you don’t announce the free ice-cream with ‘Terms & Conditions” even before the match. How bout waiting to see if the match was won before announcing that there’ll be free ice-cream for all as a celebration. That would definitely appear more sincere, instead of publishing it to the public with ‘Terms & Conditions’ before the match and then trying to salvage the damage or their pride when the match was not won, with another announcement like this :

They probably mean good, something like an encouragement, but in my opinion, it just comes across as a strategy to save their own faces. Oh well, I’m neither a Business Management student nor a Marketing student, so I guess I may not understand the dynamics of all that publicity. Am just merely a random person speaking her mind. 😉


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