114 A


I actually was a little shock when I read about this last week. No. I haven’t really been keeping updated with the national news lately. Nothing really interesting. Or rather, nothing worth my time and effort to read about. So when I first caught a whiff of this online, I was pretty knocked out of my mind. Unbelievable. This ruling creates so many loopholes. Bottom line, this kinda defeats the principal of our law to consider someone ‘innocent until proven guilty’. From what I read, almost everything in this section 114A screams ‘you’re guilty unless proven innocent’. 

Because of this 114 A, it would also do good to remember never to lend your phones, laptops, iPads or anything else that can access the internet to your family, friends or anyone for that matter. Also, it’s be great never to let anyone know your wifi password and not let them use it.

Sigh. Sometimes, we can’t help but wonder… Are we moving forward, or backward?


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