Step up Revolution (Step Up 4:Miami Heat)

As a person who absolutely loves dancing, I can never say a dancing movie is bad no matter how bland the storyline is, as long as the movie has got some kick-ass moves. But, no worries about story line here. Yes, it probably ain’t that original but it’s quite an entertaining show.

I mean, how many story-lines can you have for dance-based movies right? It usually has a competition in them. A competition they need to win, either for the lead character’s future, or to save some cause. This time around in Step Up Revolution, the 4th installment of the Step Up series, a dance team named The Mob is trying to win a YouTube competition for some cash money. But towards the end, they’re fighting to save their neighbourhood.

Quite a number of really cool choreos. One which I feel is really original and captivating is the number they did at the art gallery/museum. It is as if the entire gallery just came to life. The video above may not be very clear though, it’s hard to find the clip online somehow. But viewing it clearly in the cinema? Simply breathtaking. 

Then there’s the sexy-ish choreo they did at a high class restaurants, dressed as masqueraders. Not really sure about the song, maybe it takes a while to grow on you, but the dance? Sexy and hot with a touch of class. 😉

The number that speaks more than words do? The one at the office building. This definitely makes working at any office looks cool. Heh.

Gotta say though, am a little disappointed with the finale mob. It’s not that it’s bad, cause it’s not. They have pretty amazing effects displayed. But I think the problem is trying to fit everything they feel that’s amazing into one single dance. Kinda felt the whole number was a little dispersed and messed up. Not the messed up-organized kinda messed up, but just a little too jumbled up. Oh well, I don’t know much about dance, so I maybe wrong. Just that the finale dance didn’t give me make me feel the climax of the show. But boy, I was so happy to see they brought ‘Moose’, played by Adam Sevani, back for the finale! Man, this kid’s dancing? Wicked. Sick. Kick ass. I will never get bored watching him dance.

And just like every Step Up movie, there’s the duet dance. And Step Up Revolution’s?One word. Beautiful.

Kathryn McCormick who plays the female lead, Emily, is a little more of a ballet dancer I think. She can do the hip-hop moves but not as precise and perfect as I’d expect her to be. I guess maybe her body is the flow-y kind. She can’t really ‘pop’ some of the tougher hip-hop moves, unlike Sharni Vinson who starred in Step Up 3D. I love watching that girl dance. And she can do both the tough, sexy and soft aspect of dance really well. But nevertheless, McCormick delivered a good enough performance throughout the entire show, especially her final piece, the duet with male lead, Ryan Guzman. Great dancer. But totally not memorable. Unlike Channing Tatum or Harry Shum Jr or Adam Sevani. Really cute handsome face. But only at certain angles. Other angles makes him look just averagely good looking. I’m not complaining. Heh. However, it doesn’t matter. Cause damn, he has a hot bod. Lol!

One thing I noticed (and please bear in mind I’m a girl so I notice random stuff like this), I absolutely love the mask McCormick wore for the masquerade dance! Gorgeous. I wonder where I can get one like that. Hhmmm…

Anyways, here’s the opening performance from The Mob, just for a gist of what’s in the show.  I’d definitely watch this show, again and again. As I did for Step Up and Step Up 3D. 🙂

p.s : I didn’t mention Step Up 2. That’s cause I didn’t really like that. Nothing memorable in that movie. The dances are good, but they were mostly just normal good stuff. Nothing ‘Wow!’ or ‘Whoa!’ about it. Think at most, I’ve only watched it twice. Heh.


6 thoughts on “Step up Revolution (Step Up 4:Miami Heat)

  1. I am aslso looking at Kathryn McCormicks masquerade dress. I was wondering if someone could help me and try to find one just like that one. Please help. I really want one like that one. Thanks!! Comments ASAP!

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