Party @ Soju Room, Penang Times Square

Went out partying on Sunday after attending Eunice’s wedding with my ex-classmates and ex-schoolmates. Haven’t been in the clubbing scene for a couple months now. So, Sunday night was the first time I stepped into the ‘supposed-to-be’ hippest club in town currently, Soju Room, located at the basement of the Penang Times Square. From what I heard, it used to be teo different clubs, Soju and Room. But they weren’t doing too well. So they decided to combine into Soju Room, and boom! It became the most popular place in town right now.

I gotta say, I was impressed before even stepping into the club. This is the entrance way to the club underground.
20120821-000443.jpgGives me a feel of the ‘Tron-effect’. I remember Kah Beng and me talking about how much it feels like we’re on the set of Tron. Hehe. But it looks really nice, and posh. Going into the club, even at the entrance, everything was classy and nice. They even have lockers for patrons to keep their belongings. Not sure if it’s safe, but there’s a worker in a suit taking care of the lockers.

Stepping into the club, I gotta say, I was surprised, in a good way. Anyone who’s been into any Penang club, would know what I mean. The clubs in Penang are usually bland, to me. Haha. Even one of the most popular Mois at Upper Penang Road only spots a really small dance floor. But here, boy! It’s a double story thing. You only get the sofas area if you spend more than RM 2000, and the private room with glass walls if you spend more than RM 3000. Anything lower than RM 2000, you’ll be at the main area, which I feel is also very nice. It’s really spacious, with a kickass big stage, as far as clubs in Penang go.

20120821-000455.jpgThey even have poles on stage. Though, there wasn’t any pole dance performance the night I was there. I’m sure they has been, and there will be on certain days. Heh. Then there’s the bar area. Which is also mighty big. But what I like most is the alcohol rack behind it. Bloody tall, brightly lit.

20120821-000530.jpgAs far as the stage and bar counter goes? Impressive.

But the best part of it all? LIVE BAND! Yeah! Live band! I love live bands. And its not only one singer a night. They have multiple singers and multiple performers. And they’re all really good.

20120821-000801.jpgThe don’t only sing club songs, but pop and ballads too. Yes. A club with live ballad songs. Mostly English songs, but every once in a while, there’s a Chinese song thrown in. The feel it gives me is like a concert in a club. And great atmosphere! Especially when everyone in the club starts to sing along with the band, song after song!

20120821-000848.jpgThis is Boo Leong, singing his heart out to a Chinese ballad that was being sung at that time. Haha. The night I was there, the songs sung and performed were all from different eras. Besides all those clubbing remixes, there were latest hits like ‘We Are Young’ by Fun ft. Janelle Monae and ‘Dynamite’ by Taio Cruz. There also was older hits like ‘We Are The Champion’ by Queen. All sung live! Then there was the performances. That particular night, there was also a tribute to Michael Jackson. After 12 am, the deejay and live band will alternate every half hour. And believe me when I say, the deejays are wicked!

All in all, it was an awesome night! And damn, I’d definitely go back to Soju Room to party.



p.s : The washrooms? Adorable! Every door to a cubicle is plastered with a picture of a topless hot guy! That’s for the ladies room. And apparently, I heard from the guys that in the men’s room, the doors are plastered with hot chicks in their lingerie. Hee!


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