Stupidity Ain’t A Disability

20120822-121728.jpgSad to say, many people in my country still have this stupid annoying habit. Parking at spots allocated for the disabled. Every single time I see someone who’s perfectly fine and fetching people who are perfectly fine too park at a spot for the disabled, I’ll tell my mum or whoever I’m with at that time, with sarcasm overflowing, “I guess they must be mentally disabled.”

My blood boiled when I once saw a family with a healthy father, a healthy mother and 2 very healthy kids parked at a spot for the disabled, simply cause that day was a public holiday and the mall was packed. 2 minutes later, a car drove by and parked far from the entrance to the shopping mall, and this old man got out of the driver’s seat, went to the boot of the car and took out 2 wheelchairs. And out of the back seat, came a guy an a woman who literally can’t walk. The old man and the 2 on wheelchairs, had to parked so far away simply because a young family was born with stupidity. I was so pissed, I remember thinking “Gosh. I bet the kids of that couple is gonna grow up to be society idiots!” Yes, I know it ain’t nice of me, but like I said, my blood was boiling. Heh. I mean, there IS a reason why we allocate spots for the disabled. I guess some people are just born selfish and without a heart.

Sometimes we can’t help but wonder what in the world do some parents teach their kids. And what do their daily actions show their kids. Bet they never thought of that, or maybe, they just don’t care. It’s a real shame that in our progressing country, there are still so many people who are not socially conscious. Someone should knock it in the heads of those people that their stupidity ain’t a disability. *smirk*


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