An Afternoon At Downtown Penang

The long Hari Raya weekend. Victor and I decided to do a spontaneous trip around downtown Penang, since our round island plans was postpone to year end. Started off with lunch. We found this little place along Chulia Street, Penang, called Yeng Keng Cafe.
20120822-121808.jpgIt was a surprised when we realized it actually belongs to Yeng Keng Hotel next door. They’ve renovated the place and it looks really decent, considering the area. Don’t be deceived by the outlook. Really. The insides are really nice. Feels like a little corner that’s still in the ‘British Colony era’ but with a tad of modern touch. Love the simple and nice interior design of the cafe. Fully air-conditioned. Love how they retain all the old traditional stuff about the building, and added some modern touch that does not take away the ‘ancient’ beauty of the place. Love the soft springy sofas/cushioned red chairs. Sure gives an ‘English-feel’ to it. And it’s really comfy. Vic and me sat for so long cause it’s a really nice place and we got so comfy, just sitting, eating and chatting.

For such a place, the food can be considered pretty reasonably priced. Vic and I ordered 2 dishes to be shared and a Latte each for us. First we had the ‘Hainan Mee’.

20120822-121821.jpgIt is good. Seriously. Think they have a really great chef in the kitchen. We were actually tempted to order a second plate, but decided against it cause we still had one more dish coming. I’d definitely go back there for this again.

Then we had the ‘Yeng Keng Hainanese Chicken Chop’.

20120822-121832.jpgThis is yummy too. The sauce is different from other chicken chops’ sauces. For one, it’s not that oily. The sauce I mean, not the chicken. The chicken is fried. Heh. Love how they throw in big pieces of potatoes and tomatoes with the sauce.

Had my cup of Latte. Now, I’m not an expert in coffee, unlike how I am in hot chocolate. Haha. But I gotta say, erm, I’ve had better coffees. Hhmmm. Maybe it’s just me, it don’t know. Heh.

20120822-121849.jpgBut that aside, great company and good food makes a good meal. An average coffee won’t kill it. Not for me. Hee.

After lunch, we headed to the popular side of the heritage area in town. The web of roads which includes Armenian Street, Acheh Street and Toh Aka Street where the now famous murals are at. The area has been turned into a popular tourist spot. After parking our car, we got down and took a walk around the area. I’m definitely not a tourist. I was born right in this state of Malaysia, The Pearl Of The Orient or more formally known as Penang. But I was delighted when I saw this little souvenir shop. It looks so cozy inside. Haha.

20120822-122026.jpgAnd boy, they sell some really cool cute stuff. Saw a little ‘scooter-dangly-thingy’ that’s so cute. But decided not to get it, though am regretting my decision now. Maybe will go back again to buy it this week or next. Hee!

20120822-122036.jpgSome of the stuff in here are pretty cheap. There are others that a slightly more expensive than normal, but then again, it is a tourist souvenir shop. I’m not saying its right, but it’s what they usually do. Hike up the prices. Ugh.

The best part? We took some nice shots! Haha. Love all of them. And surprisingly, Victor is quite a smart poser. Haha. Always managing to strike a casual, relaxing but nice pose. Me on the other hand, being a typical Aries, likes to be loud. Lol!



20120822-122157.jpgIt was an awesome few hours. Vic and I call it a prelude to our upcoming round Penang island trip. We’d definitely come back here again. And this one afternoon just made us even more excited. Haha! Great company makes a great day! 🙂


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