Okay. As I was (and still am) fangirl-ing in the post before, this is the song that made my heart skip a beat or two……. or more. 😀

Jensen Ackles can now proudly add another item (or two) to his never-ending list of talents, which includes acting, photography, directing, playing a couple of different sports, etc etc. He sings so beautifully in this song, the husky voice bringing a sense of calm and serenity, yet a touch of rawness that captures the heart. And previously when I posted about him singing ‘The Weight’ with Jason Manns, I knew he could play the guitar averagely well, though strumming doesn’t really display much of a person’s skills. But, in this song, ‘Angeles’, which he covered, I gotta say, he proves that he actually excels beautifully, as far as guitar playing goes. Takes real skill to play like that and sing at the same time. Trust me. I know. And if you ask me, ‘Angeles’ may be a very nice song to listen and enjoy, but hell, it ain’t an easy song to sing. The way the melody is written, it’s not easy to sing it perfectly without carrying the melody out a little wrongly. Try doing it without Jensen Ackles singing in the background and you’ll know what I mean.

But this man, Jensen Ackles, he did it perfectly without the luxury of a fully equipped recording studio. He actually recorded the song in his trailer with his friend Steve Carlson, during one of his breaks while filming ‘Supernatural’ on set. Some parts of the MTV are clips that were captured by co-star Jared Padalecki while they were recording the song in the trailer. How awesome is that?! Just proves that he’s got the real pure talent and not those with the help of high-end equipment, like many of the artistes of late. Heh.

Angeles (by Jensen Ackles)

Someone’s always coming around here trailing some new kill,
Says I see your picture on a hundred dollar bill,
What’s a game of chance to you, to him is one
Of real skill,
So glad to meet you,

Picking up the ticket shows there’s money to be made,
Go on and lose the gamble that’s the history of the trade,
Did you add up all the cards left to play to zero,
And sign up with evil,

Don’t start me trying now,
Cause I’m all over it,

I can make you satisfied in everything you do,
All your ‘secret wishes’ could right now be coming true,
Spend forever with my poison arms around you,
No one’s gonna fool around with us,
No one’s gonna fool around with us,
So glad to meet you,

Every singly time I listen to it, I seem to melt into a puddle. Haha. But its a really beautiful song. Kudos to Elliot Smith who wrote this song and sang it. There’s no doubt at all that Elliot Smith did a fantastic job on this song. Jensen made a different approach and made the song into his own style, which was simply beautiful. Specially in this rainy weather, sometimes, its nice to just curl up under the comforters and replay this song on my iPod, with the rain pouring outside. *big hearts*

P.S : Did I mention that it sounded like Jensen Ackles was singing to ‘Angela’ (which is me)????? Lol! 😀

WARNING! Extreme Fangirl-ing!

HOLY PIE! I literally squealed when I heard it! I can’t stop fangirl-ing!! Absolutely can’t believe it. Up till now, bout a week later, I am still feeling the crazy adrenaline rush whenever I heard the song or think of it! And I still break into a huge dopey smile when I hear the song, see the video or even think about it!

JENSEN ACKLES freaking sang to ME! ME! Unbelievable! 😀

Okay. Maybe not me directly, but it was close enough. Lol! 😀 His newly released song on Steve Carlson’s new album, ‘Sharing The Covers’, titled ‘Angeles’ sounded exactly like ‘ANGELA’ when he sang it. Seriously! I mean, I knew the song title was ‘Angeles’, but never did I expect it to be pronounced like my name, Angela! OMG!

Nothing, and I mean nothing, prepared me for when I first heard it! When I heard the, “So glad to meet you, Angeles”. It literally sounded like, “So glad to meet you, Angela”. My jaw literally dropped and I started squealing after 2-3 seconds of shock! OMG! 😀 I rewound that part a couple of times, before letting the video continue and finishing the song. Haha!

Gosh! I’m still feeling the high of it all. If it was by any other singer, I’d still be happy and like “Oh wow, cool! It’s got my name! Haha!”. BUT, what are the chances that, my FAVOURITE guy, the guy whom I have the biggest celebrity crush on, who rarely sings, produce a song, and sang it sounding like he sang it to ‘Angela’?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!! OMG!

Yes. I’m still OMG-ing every now and then. Lol. Poor friends of mine. Those who have to put up with my temporary extreme fangirl-ing, especially Hui and Vic. I think they actually find it amusing, given most of the time, I’m just a normal 26 year old. Unless of course the issue of Jensen Ackles appears. 😉I edited this picture myself from a snapshot from the video. Just thought that since the song is in Carlson’s album, and it won’t have its own cover, I might as well make one for it. 😀 *big heart*

BodyCombat 53, BodyStep 89 & Sh’bam 9

So, Fitness Studio our launch last week. Gotta say though, due to some mess-up for one of the programs, it kinda lost a little of the excitement and spark of the entire launch. But the launch is a total different thing from the release itself. The launch depends on the gym. The release is the actual gist.

As mentioned above, the BodyCombat launch was kinda dampened due to the fact, it’s actually a re-launch instead of the actual launch. Long story. Not gonna go there. Anyway, this release, BodyCombat 53 is pretty tiring. Almost killed my legs. But kinda fun I guess. =) Even though, I don’t really like all the tracks for the release, I’m happy with the choreo and moves. 🙂

BodyStep. Heh. I literally skipped the launch. Predicting that 4 people will be launching and if they split the tracks evenly, then I’d probably skip half the class cause I really don’t wanna waste my time in class when the two instructors who are extremely incompetent are teaching. Which was a good decision. My prediction was somewhat accurate. Apparently, Jayne didn’t launch. Leaving Eason to launch with the two extremely lousy instructors. Meaning if I were to attend the BodyStep launch, I’ll probably skip 2/3 of the class. Yup. Waste of time. *smirk* Anyway, I attended the classes after the launch and I have to say that the release BodyStep 89 is one of the most dreadful BodyStep release I’ve ever done. I find the 3 warm-up tracks much slower in tempo compared to the previous releases, thus giving it a sluggish feel. And a lot of the flava have been taken out of this release, making it more athletic and BodyAttack-like. The worst of it is, they change the structure for the official release. What used to be the ‘party track’ and ‘speed track’ in the main structure is now replaced with the ‘athletic circuit’ which was previously the optional tracks. Hence, making this release even more boring. I hope LesMills ain’t planning to remove the ‘party track’ and ‘speed track’ permanently. It’s kinda worrying since they have now made the both tracks optional instead of putting it in the main structure. Sigh. I think the day they take out the ‘party track’ and ‘speed track’ will be the day I stop attending BodyStep. Heh.

Then there’s the Sh’bam 9 launch. Eerrmmm. I’m really starting to get really bored with Sh’bam. This release doesn’t change my mind. But, I kinda like 2 tracks here. One of it is ‘Hold It Against Me’ by Britney Spears where the choreo includes going down on the floor. Hee! Can’t really remember the title of the other one, but it involves a lot of swirling of the arms. Haha! Other than that, its really just…. bleh. I guess, I find it boring cause there’s a maximum of only 3 moves in an entire track. Three! Sigh. I miss BodyJam.

Gangnam Style

Ok. I seriously had enough of this craze. It’s all over Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc etc. At first, I thought it was kinda cute and really funny. But a week after the craze started, it started to get kinda annoying to see it everywhere. Not to mention people incorporating it into almost everything and anything! Not offence but the moves aren’t even nice, though it’s pretty addictive I guess. It all started with this Korean popstar, PSY. 
The song is actually nice. I think I would have liked it more if there haven’t been that overrated craze of the Gangnam Style. Lol. Gotta say though, this song, to me, is kinda similar to ‘Party Rock Anthem’ by LMFAO. Specially the intro. Heh. 😉

Anyway, this craze went international and even pop princess Britney Spears was fascinated and twitted about it. So when she went on The Ellen Show, Ellen Degeneres decided to bring in the guy himself, PSY to teach Britney the moves.
It was actually hilarious cause poor Brit was in a tight dress and heels that are about 6-7 inches. But I gotta say, I love what PSY say, “Dress classy, dance cheesy.” Lol! 😀

So anyway, that’s what I gotta say about this Gangnam Style thingy. Heh. 😉


So, I noticed I’ve slacked in my workout for the past 2 weeks. Workout and diet. A little disappointed in myself. Then again, who has never failed or slacked a little now and then in life. The important thing is to get the focus and determination back. And to top it off? Never give up. And that’s what I’m doing now. Picking myself back up and getting my focus back! 🙂

The Secret Fangirl In Me

Think I’ve just taken it to a whole new level. Previously, it was just going ‘goo goo gaa gaa’ over Jensen Ackles and Supernatural. But now? Now, I think I’ve been officially promoted to a pure fangirl. Really. 😉 Just started doing something….. really awesome…. as a fangirl. For my personal amusement. Haha. Sharing the Supernatural love can be fun. Interacting with people all over the globe during my free time when I’m not in the lab researching or working. *thumbs up* 🙂 Welcome to the SPN family! Keep the love going……. 😀p.s : LOVE the way Jensen’s pose is different from the rest. So cool. Hee! 😉

I Miss My Dad

20120918-121958.jpgSometimes, it hurts to think, yes, flowers is the only thing I can get him now. I remember when I used to buy him small little things when I was younger, sometimes giving him a belated pressie cause I spend all my pocket money for the week, or making handmade gifts for his birthday. It’s sad he didn’t get to wait till I grow up and is able to get him proper nice gifts. I miss him so much. My life changed when he left this world. 😦