Dinner @ Restoran Thai Food, Batu Lanchang

Mum and I decided to try out this new Thai food restaurant last night, along the Batu Lanchang, IJM shoplots. The first thing I can’t help but notice is the lack of creativity in the restaurant’s name. You open a Thai food restaurant and you name it Restoran Thai Food. And you can’t even decide the language you wanna use. Restoran (in the Malay Language) Thai Food (in the English Language). Kinda lame if you ask me. 20120905-112629.jpgBut we decided to give it a try anyway. Went in, and the interior designs aren’t too bad I guess. Not impressive, but at least it’s neat and tidy.

20120905-112642.jpgIt’s kinda nice that they try to put some ‘Thai-themed’ pictures up the wall, though it may be a little cliché. But at least its air-conditioned. Service is good, and for the time being (I’m saying for the time being cause it’s still new and there’s not many customers there when we were there) the food is served pretty quickly. Sad to say though, this restaurant has a very limited menu. We took 10 minutes but couldn’t really decide what t get, because there were so few choices for each category. For example, under the ‘Fish’ menu, there is only 3 types of dishes!!

Anyway, we ended up getting a ‘Green Curry Chicken’.

20120905-112651.jpgQuite nice actually. But it’s gotta be one of the spiciest green curry I’ve ever have. Usually green curry is more ‘lemak’ (milky) than spicy. But this one is kinda more spicy then ‘lemak’. Nevertheless, it’s still quite a nice dish.

We also ordered the ‘Seafood Otak-otak’.

20120905-112701.jpgThe ‘otak-otak’ is made of fish meat and spiced. And in the Thai ‘otak-otak’ dishes, it is usually mashed up. The ‘Seafood Otak-otak’ here is kinda yummy, with the ‘otak-otak’ mashed together with squids, big prawns, few other kind of seafood and shreds of vegetables. The only thing I don’t like here is, there are actually more veggies than the ‘otak-otak’ itself.

Given the limited choice, we didn’t really know what else to order. So we opt for a simple and common dish. It is not even Thai-based. ‘Prawn Omelette’.

20120905-112710.jpgKinda disappointing actually. Tastes a little bland. The one at Four Seasons Tea House is so much better. Heh.

Overall, it wasn’t too bad a dinner. But if the prices were taken into consideration, then I doubt it will survive long. It’s not really expensive. But for a place like it and with the food being not outstandingly good, it is a little overpriced. Taking everything into consideration, I’d probably give the place a 2.5 or at most 3 out of 5. Would I go back again for another meal? Probably not anytime soon. Nothing about it actually attracts my attention.


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