A Little Lesson On Push-Ups

Let’s admit it. Push-ups ain’t as simple as it looks. And many actually does it with the wrong technique. Even more surprising, some of the female instructors at my gym does it wrong too, which is kinda pathetic, cause they’re supposed to be instructors. You don’t get that title for nothing. And that’s why I don’t go their classes.Β 20120910-124047.jpgI myself can’t perfect the ‘art of push-ups’ yet. But I’m trying. Haha. Sometimes, I get it right the first 8-10 times, then my strength fails and I fall back to the wrong techniques.

But here are some tips on doing push-ups correctly so that…
1) We don’t injure ourselves doing the wrong techniques
2) We work the right muscles
3) We look great when we do push-ups correctly! πŸ˜‰


Ok. A little bit more info. Do not hitch the butt up. Do not drop the butt down as an illusion of lowering the body. The only way to lower the body while doing push ups is to bend the elbows!!! πŸ˜‰ If it is a triceps push up, tuck the elbows close to the body. It it is a shoulders push up, the palms are supposed to be shoulder width apart. For chest push ups, the palms are placed wider than the width of the shoulders. And most importantly, make sure the body is always as straight as a plank. πŸ˜‰


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