Life’s Tiny Nuggets

20120906-133746.jpgAs ridiculous as the above sounds sometimes, I think when we grow up into adulthood, we tend to forget that living by the above makes the happiest people. Held back by worries and fears of what we may appear like, or what people may think of us, we tend to live life conditionally. I’ll definitely try my best to remember the above words, as I try to live my life to the fullest, so I won’t have any regrets when I grow old. =)

20120906-133753.jpgAgreed. Unless it’s someone of a really bad heart and attitude. Then maybe I’ll just be a magnifying glass and enjoy the view of their life as karma turns into a bitch to them… Hey, I’m just human. I have my bitchy sides sometimes. 😉

20120906-133826.jpgI keep reminding myself again and again. And yet, sometimes I forget. Usually at the time when I need to remember it most. Hmph. 😦 But definitely ain’t giving up. 🙂


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