My latest obsession : Bright red lipstick.

I tried it before many years ago, and it didn’t seem to agree with my face at that time. Now, while I was watching the latest cycle of America’s Next Top Model, the bright red lips that filled the room caught my attention. Seeing this reignite my attraction towards bright red lipstick all over again. So, I decided to give it another try. Went out and scouted for a nice shade of bright red lipstick. Finally settled for this.
20120911-215307.jpgThe L’Oreal Colour Riche Lipstick in British Red. Absolutely love the bright red. Was still a little doubtful as to whether I can carry it off, since it was pretty much a failure many years ago. Tried it on, and ta-daa~~~!!!

20120911-215316.jpgThink it looks pretty okay this time around, don’t ya? 🙂 Thank God! Haha! Glad I bought it! 😉


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