Erm… NBC? What Are You Doing?

Sept 11. I don’t even need to mention the year. Anytime someone mention the date Sept 11, I’m sure your mind flashes back to the day the world was rocked to it’s core.11 years ago, when the World Trade Centre came tumbling down. All it took was 2 hijacked planes. And thousands upon thousands of lives lost, just like that. Just because some humans aren’t civilized enough to settle their stuff peacefully and decided to turn everything violent to send a message. Though, the retaliation to the act above ‘ain’t that civilized as well. War is really not the answer. But I guess we all still have a lot to learn about being civilized. Maybe that creature in the movie Green Lantern were right about the human race, that we’re still a very young race.

For America, I’m sure 11 years is still a very short period of time to truly get over such an incident. And that being so, most morning talk shows observed a minute of silence at 8.46am (the time which the first hijacked plane hit the first tower) on Sept 11, 2012 in remembrance of all those who perish in the tragedy 11 years ago. Innocents who lost their lives and people who died in line of duty.

And here is where NBC’s ‘Today’ show made headlines, for all the wrong reasons, again. Not only they didn’t participate in the minute of silence, guess what they replace that minute with? An interview with Kris Jenner. Yup. As in the Kris Jenner of the ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’. And the topic? Kris Jenner’s breast augmentation. Yes. Breast augmentation.

I may understand if they replace it with something more ‘serious’, ‘useful’ or somehow ‘less bimbo-ish’. It could even be a story about a boy who saved a cat. It’s still better that the story they aired, cause, maybe they thought it was time to move on, since in their defense, they mentioned that they did do some coverage on the tragedy. But the fact that they use that particular time when all around were observing a moment of silence for the Sept 11 tragedy to talk about Kris Jenner’s ‘breast artwork’, I personally feel it’s an insult to all those who fell on that tragic day 11 years ago, and I’m not even an American.

There may be those who argue that it is time to slowly let go. Which, yes, I agree, is true. But that doesn’t mean forgetting. And some may counter, not having a moment of silence does not mean that it is forgotten. Yes, that is true too. But a moment of silence can sometimes be a good thing, in many different ways.

This moment of silence gives people a little time to remember those who were lost, those heroes who risked their lives and perish while trying to saving people, those innocent people who walked into the building that morning not knowing that they will never see their loved ones ever again. This moment of silence gives people a little time to reflect on how fragile life can be, how precious a life is, how it is in a single second, we could lose everything we have. This moment of silence gives people a little time to think about how much blood have been shed since this tragedy started, how a little extra compassion from the human race may have prevented the tragedy from happening, how we can better ourselves and act or react differently in the future.

I gotta say, NBC’s ‘Today’ show is a pure disappointment this time. Kris Jenner’s breast augmentation. Smirk.


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