Okay. As I was (and still am) fangirl-ing in the post before, this is the song that made my heart skip a beat or two……. or more. 😀

Jensen Ackles can now proudly add another item (or two) to his never-ending list of talents, which includes acting, photography, directing, playing a couple of different sports, etc etc. He sings so beautifully in this song, the husky voice bringing a sense of calm and serenity, yet a touch of rawness that captures the heart. And previously when I posted about him singing ‘The Weight’ with Jason Manns, I knew he could play the guitar averagely well, though strumming doesn’t really display much of a person’s skills. But, in this song, ‘Angeles’, which he covered, I gotta say, he proves that he actually excels beautifully, as far as guitar playing goes. Takes real skill to play like that and sing at the same time. Trust me. I know. And if you ask me, ‘Angeles’ may be a very nice song to listen and enjoy, but hell, it ain’t an easy song to sing. The way the melody is written, it’s not easy to sing it perfectly without carrying the melody out a little wrongly. Try doing it without Jensen Ackles singing in the background and you’ll know what I mean.

But this man, Jensen Ackles, he did it perfectly without the luxury of a fully equipped recording studio. He actually recorded the song in his trailer with his friend Steve Carlson, during one of his breaks while filming ‘Supernatural’ on set. Some parts of the MTV are clips that were captured by co-star Jared Padalecki while they were recording the song in the trailer. How awesome is that?! Just proves that he’s got the real pure talent and not those with the help of high-end equipment, like many of the artistes of late. Heh.

Angeles (by Jensen Ackles)

Someone’s always coming around here trailing some new kill,
Says I see your picture on a hundred dollar bill,
What’s a game of chance to you, to him is one
Of real skill,
So glad to meet you,

Picking up the ticket shows there’s money to be made,
Go on and lose the gamble that’s the history of the trade,
Did you add up all the cards left to play to zero,
And sign up with evil,

Don’t start me trying now,
Cause I’m all over it,

I can make you satisfied in everything you do,
All your ‘secret wishes’ could right now be coming true,
Spend forever with my poison arms around you,
No one’s gonna fool around with us,
No one’s gonna fool around with us,
So glad to meet you,

Every singly time I listen to it, I seem to melt into a puddle. Haha. But its a really beautiful song. Kudos to Elliot Smith who wrote this song and sang it. There’s no doubt at all that Elliot Smith did a fantastic job on this song. Jensen made a different approach and made the song into his own style, which was simply beautiful. Specially in this rainy weather, sometimes, its nice to just curl up under the comforters and replay this song on my iPod, with the rain pouring outside. *big hearts*

P.S : Did I mention that it sounded like Jensen Ackles was singing to ‘Angela’ (which is me)????? Lol! 😀


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