Late Lunch @ Cherry Sweet Thai Food

One of my favourite places for Thai food. Absolutely love the Tom Yum soup there. However, at 2 pm in the afternoon, when the sun is blazing down onto the equator, having my favourite Tom Yum soup won’t be too good an idea, even when the area is air-conditioned. So, we decided to order something else.

Instead of the ‘Tom Yum Soup with Fish Fillets’, we had the ‘Thai Style Steamed Fish’.
20121029-123433.jpgLoved it. The fish is fresh, and the soup is sourish enough with a touch of spice. Drank the soup try by the end of the meal, let me tell you. Lol! I have tasted better ones, sure, but this one is yummy enough. So no complains here. 😉

Then we had our usual ‘Stuffed Chicken Wings’.20121029-123445.jpgIt’s like my must have dish, everytime I come to this restaurant. This dish has to go with the Thai chilli sauce they provide you with, even when the chilli sauce is more sweet than spicy.

Then we ordered an extra dish. The ‘Deep Fried KangKung’. 20121029-123454.jpgNow, I don’t know how they made this dish, but I think they may have put a little honey in it. Cause for every bite of the kangkung, you can taste a slight sweetness here and there. Ok, I know it’s bad, but I’m really not a fan of veggies. There are only very very few kinds that I would eat, and even then, they have to be cooked a certain style. I don’t normally take kangkung. However, this one here? Well, I totally don’t mind. I don’t know if by outside standards it is nice, but I certainly like it. =)

Yummy lunch. Left the place full and satisfied. 🙂

‘Like’ Craze

20121022-144118.jpgOne of the many ‘Likes’ posts on Facebook. This gets me really annoyed sometimes. And I can’t help thinking, how stupid can some people be. No. I am not a heartless person. For example, I feel really bad for the dog above. And I salute the person feeding it. And if I wanna do something to help the dog, I get my ass out of my house, go to a nearest pet shelter and volunteer to help. I don’t sit in front of my computer and click ‘Like’ to this stupid post cause it states 1 Like = 1 Respect, 1 Comment = 10 Respect, 1 share = 100 Respect. As if this would make any difference. And I seriously doubt the person feeding the dog or the dog itself would appreciate this 1 Like = 1 Respect kind of respect.

There are many others that are slightly different in the mini-storyline but just generally trying to get a lot of ‘Likes’. ‘Like if you think this man is brave‘, ‘Like if you’d stand up for this cause‘, ‘Like if you wanna help this kid‘, etc etc. And the list goes on. I mean seriously? If for every ‘Like’, some money is donated to something, then I’d be more than willing to do that. But ‘Like if you……. blah blah blah…..‘ and that’s it? Well, it’s just people trying their damn hardest to get attention. And its seriously pathetic.

Another kind of attention-whores trying to gain ‘Like’ and popularity is those who post on popular pages stating a condition. For example, someone posted to Justin Bieber’s page, “If this post gets ********* likes, you have to stop your singing career.” No, for the record, I’m not a die-hard Bieber fan, neither am I a hater. Or another one I saw that is posted on Coca-Cola’s page by another attention-seeker stating. Can’t remember the exact words but is goes something like this, “If this post get ********** likes, you have to change the colour of one of you cans or bottles to pink in support of the breast cancer awareness campaign.” Please. You wanna help support the campaign? Put your time into better use, researching ways you can contribute your help in it. Posting stupid posts like this is not helping anything. It is you being selfish and seeking attention plus popularity. Geez!

There’s also the religious posts such as, “Like if you love Jesus and will follow Him“. Let me just say, I love Jesus, and I will, or rather am, following Him. That’s why, I’m going to church, doing my quiet time and reaching out to people when I can. Liking that post on Facebook is definitely NOT following Jesus. Gosh. It’s just liking a damn post. Goodness.

I can’t believe there are people who fall for these shit time and again. Feeding those attention-whores what they want the most, ‘Likes’ and popularity. Not to mention, encouraging them to create more of these nonsensical posts. I won’t deny that I do smirk everytime I see posts like that and people liking it. Heh. 😉

House At The End Of The Street

Watched this show last weekend. My first thought when I heard the title from Mich was that it’s a horror genre show. But I was wrong. It’s actually more of a action-thriller movie. Not that we have a choice anyway. It was the only show everyone could settle on. And I really don’t care what show we watch, as long as we watch a show. It’s been almost one and a half months since I last went into the cinema for a movie, due to church and family activities. Heh. 😉

Not particularly impressed. But not too bad a storyline. It is actually quite interesting, but somehow, I find the climax not impactful enough. Maybe it’s cause there’s not enough built-up towards the climax. It definitely doesn’t fry your brains like Inception, heh, but still quite a good watch. Love the twist in the story about the ‘hidden sister‘.

Main actress Jennifer Lawrence performed averagely okay, in my opinion. Though, I heard she did a great job in The Hunger Games. I’m not sure cause, yes, I haven’t watch The Hunger Games. I am intending, soon. With blonde coloured hair (she had brunette in Hunger Games), it kinda makes her a lot more bimbo-ish. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying all blondes are bimbos. Heck, there are tons out there rocking the look, smart and tough. But I guess, with Jennifer Lawrence, the look sorta reduces her toughness. And in actual fact, her face is really pretty but, somehow, there seems to be something missing. Can’t really put my finger to what the thing is. Chiet agrees with me. She looks pretty if you see properly, but when you just look, it doesn’t captures the attention. Heh. Sad to say, even with dirt covering her and a gun in her hand, she don’t look tough enough for the character the movie is trying to portrays. There’s just some element missing. Checked out her look in Hunger Games, and I gotta say I’m impressed. Can’t wait to watch that and compare her performance then and now.

Male lead, Max Thieriot, did a pretty good job though. He’s the bad guy in the show. Supposedly. Actually, more like the guy ‘forced’ to turn bad.And am saying that he’s pretty good cause he made the audience believe he’s the bad guy, but yet, not dislike him. It’s believable that most of his good intentions are sincere and pure. Truth be told, I hated the 3 jocks who are school bullies much more than Thieriot’s character, Ryan.
These 3 got what they deserve. Trust me. Heh.

It’s funny that when we saw Elissa Cassidy’s (played by Lawrence) mother, Chiet leaned over and told me, “The mum also hotter than the daughter.” I don’t blame him. Given that yes, she may look old, but she still has that charm around her.It took me a while to recognize her, but then it hits me. Elisabeth Shue. No wonder she has that charm that even young guys like Chiet can say she’s somewhat hot, when she’s already kinda old. 😉

Not too bad a watch in the cinema. But definitely not a show I’d go way out to recommend people to watch. =)

Failure To Success

20121015-122442.jpgSuch an encouragement. Some of the facts, I never knew till I saw this. But am surprised they put Eminem in with these big names. I mean, yeah, he made it kinda big in the music industry, but it doesn’t feel as significant as the rest. I’d have expected maybe Donald Trump who was bankrupt a few times in his life but yet managed to climb out of that distress and become one of the world’s riches guy. Or Colonel Sanders who tried selling his fried chicken recipe to hundreds of companies before one decide to take him up on his offer. Then again, I guess, no success of failure is too big or too small. The key point in life is, never ever give up! =)

Idiotic Horoscope, But I Like!

Right. I saw this posted on Facebook. I gave in to temptation, so I saved the picture and just had to blog it. 20121015-122417.jpgAccording to this, I’m supposed to be a ‘selfish prick’. Hee! Well well well. I will not agree nor deny it. That statement can be all kinds of untruths, and yet, it can be all kinds of truths. It all depends on who I’m dealing with. Generally, I’m actually quite generous with family, relatives and good friends who are close to me. But when it comes to people whom don’t really matter, I probably won’t use the word selfish prick, but I will not be as generous as I normally am. Heh. 😉 I guess I’m into extremes. People who matters, I’d think of them and care bout them before I think of myself. People who don’t matter? Hahahahaha.. Erm, I should just say I’m sorry. 😉

I’m not bad, but I probably just don’t go way out to help or be generous. Hey, what did I say before? I’m just human. Not a saint. 😉

I can see some of my friends (who have good sense of humour) laughing at their own horoscope’s definition when they see this. Some are supposedly ‘stubborn asshole’, some ‘perverted psychopaths’ and some others ‘awkward fucktard’. The hell’s an awkward fucktard?! LOL! Ooh, and there’s someone I know who should be born under Gemini instead of Aries, I think, if we were to take this list seriously (which unfortunately, we’re not). A certain cougar, so to say. A disgrace to Aries. Smirk. 😉

Note : This is not for sensitive people. You may not know how they’ll react. Some people have no sense of humour whatsoever. 😉

Lunch @ Ah Keat Seafood, Penang Times Square

So, mum and I decided to pick one of my aunts up and head for a late lunch yesterday. Mum has been talking countless times about trying out this one particular place she saw at the Penang’s Time’s Square, called ‘Ah Keat Seafood Restaurant’. So we decided to go there finally. I’ve been kinda unenthusiastic the past few times she mentioned it, but decided to give it a try this time. Feels kinda weird eating seafood in a shopping mall. Haha. Yeah, its just me and my weird ways. 😉
20121015-122325.jpgQuite an averagely nice place. Situated at the ground floor, it has tables placed out on the sidewalk as well. The insides are air-conditioned and cooling, so I’m all up for that. It was freaking hot yesterday afternoon. 🙂 I don’t know how to explain it, but somehow, the appearance of the restaurant is a little surprising to me. Maybe cause I wouldn’t expect a place named ‘Ah Keat Seafood Restaurant’ to look like that. Just a little random thought of mine. 😉

Anyway, since its only the 3 of us, we settled for 3 dishes. Not really seafood, but still main dishes. First we had the ‘Claypot Beancurd’.

20121015-122344.jpgThe gravy is kinda bland. But the beancurd is nice. Just the way I like it (the beancurd, I mean), soft and smooth. They’ve got only a few pieces of meat and two really really teeny tiny prawns inside. The rest is all cabbages and onions and other veggies. I probably won’t order this again if I head back to the restaurant some day in the future. The gravy’s boring. Lol.

We also ordered the ‘Guinness Stout Chicken’, which is one of their signature dish. 20121015-122350.jpgNow this is one dish that I love. Lol! I think they added a little honey into it when cooking the chicken cause it has a slight sweet taste to it. The only complain I have is, when you order a small sized dish, they only serve you 4-5 small pieces of chicken. Usually, most restaurants will have at least six pieces for the small sized dishes. But then, it’s yummy, so I’ll definitely order this the next time I’m there.

Then we ordered our only seafood for that afternoon meal, ‘Mantis Prawn With Salted Egg-Yolk’. 20121015-122356.jpgNow, I’ve always liked almost all kinds of dishes that are cooked with salted egg-yolk. My favourite is the ‘Fish Fillet With Salted Egg-Yolk’ at Xuan Xin Restaurant, Gurney Plaza. So, I was happy to order this ‘Mantis Prawns With Salted Egg-Yolks’. It’s not bad, but not particularly good. The first few bites, I definitely find it a little too salty. I know it is supposed to be salty, but there’s a limit. The chefs at Xuan Xin Restaurant, Gurney Plaza, definitely managed to master the skill to these salted egg-yolk type of dishes. Anyway, after a few bites of the mantis prawns, your taste buds starts to get accustom to the saltiness, and you will be able to somewhat enjoy the dish. Not sure if I’ll order this again the next time I’m there. Maybe I’ll order something else with salted egg-yolk. 😉

All in all, it was an averagely okay lunch. I’ll probably go back to try some other dishes before really laying down my judgement for this place. 🙂