House At The End Of The Street

Watched this show last weekend. My first thought when I heard the title from Mich was that it’s a horror genre show. But I was wrong. It’s actually more of a action-thriller movie. Not that we have a choice anyway. It was the only show everyone could settle on. And I really don’t care what show we watch, as long as we watch a show. It’s been almost one and a half months since I last went into the cinema for a movie, due to church and family activities. Heh. 😉

Not particularly impressed. But not too bad a storyline. It is actually quite interesting, but somehow, I find the climax not impactful enough. Maybe it’s cause there’s not enough built-up towards the climax. It definitely doesn’t fry your brains like Inception, heh, but still quite a good watch. Love the twist in the story about the ‘hidden sister‘.

Main actress Jennifer Lawrence performed averagely okay, in my opinion. Though, I heard she did a great job in The Hunger Games. I’m not sure cause, yes, I haven’t watch The Hunger Games. I am intending, soon. With blonde coloured hair (she had brunette in Hunger Games), it kinda makes her a lot more bimbo-ish. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying all blondes are bimbos. Heck, there are tons out there rocking the look, smart and tough. But I guess, with Jennifer Lawrence, the look sorta reduces her toughness. And in actual fact, her face is really pretty but, somehow, there seems to be something missing. Can’t really put my finger to what the thing is. Chiet agrees with me. She looks pretty if you see properly, but when you just look, it doesn’t captures the attention. Heh. Sad to say, even with dirt covering her and a gun in her hand, she don’t look tough enough for the character the movie is trying to portrays. There’s just some element missing. Checked out her look in Hunger Games, and I gotta say I’m impressed. Can’t wait to watch that and compare her performance then and now.

Male lead, Max Thieriot, did a pretty good job though. He’s the bad guy in the show. Supposedly. Actually, more like the guy ‘forced’ to turn bad.And am saying that he’s pretty good cause he made the audience believe he’s the bad guy, but yet, not dislike him. It’s believable that most of his good intentions are sincere and pure. Truth be told, I hated the 3 jocks who are school bullies much more than Thieriot’s character, Ryan.
These 3 got what they deserve. Trust me. Heh.

It’s funny that when we saw Elissa Cassidy’s (played by Lawrence) mother, Chiet leaned over and told me, “The mum also hotter than the daughter.” I don’t blame him. Given that yes, she may look old, but she still has that charm around her.It took me a while to recognize her, but then it hits me. Elisabeth Shue. No wonder she has that charm that even young guys like Chiet can say she’s somewhat hot, when she’s already kinda old. 😉

Not too bad a watch in the cinema. But definitely not a show I’d go way out to recommend people to watch. =)


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