‘Like’ Craze

20121022-144118.jpgOne of the many ‘Likes’ posts on Facebook. This gets me really annoyed sometimes. And I can’t help thinking, how stupid can some people be. No. I am not a heartless person. For example, I feel really bad for the dog above. And I salute the person feeding it. And if I wanna do something to help the dog, I get my ass out of my house, go to a nearest pet shelter and volunteer to help. I don’t sit in front of my computer and click ‘Like’ to this stupid post cause it states 1 Like = 1 Respect, 1 Comment = 10 Respect, 1 share = 100 Respect. As if this would make any difference. And I seriously doubt the person feeding the dog or the dog itself would appreciate this 1 Like = 1 Respect kind of respect.

There are many others that are slightly different in the mini-storyline but just generally trying to get a lot of ‘Likes’. ‘Like if you think this man is brave‘, ‘Like if you’d stand up for this cause‘, ‘Like if you wanna help this kid‘, etc etc. And the list goes on. I mean seriously? If for every ‘Like’, some money is donated to something, then I’d be more than willing to do that. But ‘Like if you……. blah blah blah…..‘ and that’s it? Well, it’s just people trying their damn hardest to get attention. And its seriously pathetic.

Another kind of attention-whores trying to gain ‘Like’ and popularity is those who post on popular pages stating a condition. For example, someone posted to Justin Bieber’s page, “If this post gets ********* likes, you have to stop your singing career.” No, for the record, I’m not a die-hard Bieber fan, neither am I a hater. Or another one I saw that is posted on Coca-Cola’s page by another attention-seeker stating. Can’t remember the exact words but is goes something like this, “If this post get ********** likes, you have to change the colour of one of you cans or bottles to pink in support of the breast cancer awareness campaign.” Please. You wanna help support the campaign? Put your time into better use, researching ways you can contribute your help in it. Posting stupid posts like this is not helping anything. It is you being selfish and seeking attention plus popularity. Geez!

There’s also the religious posts such as, “Like if you love Jesus and will follow Him“. Let me just say, I love Jesus, and I will, or rather am, following Him. That’s why, I’m going to church, doing my quiet time and reaching out to people when I can. Liking that post on Facebook is definitely NOT following Jesus. Gosh. It’s just liking a damn post. Goodness.

I can’t believe there are people who fall for these shit time and again. Feeding those attention-whores what they want the most, ‘Likes’ and popularity. Not to mention, encouraging them to create more of these nonsensical posts. I won’t deny that I do smirk everytime I see posts like that and people liking it. Heh. 😉


2 thoughts on “‘Like’ Craze

    • *smirk* I just saw one more on FB today. ‘Like – You love your mum’ , ‘No like – You don’t love your mum’. I rolled my eyes so much, they almost popped out.

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