Lousy Parents!

Alright. Let me say first that I love kids. They’re just a bundle of joy. I mean, I’m the kind that don’t understand how some of my friends can not like children, though I understand we all have our difference preference. But, three nights ago, this family, for the first time in my life, made me so annoyed at their kids, and more so at the parents themselves, that I actually glared at the entire family, kids included. Felt bad later about glaring at the kids, but wished I had given the entire family, kids excluded, the one finger salute.

Parents, aunts & uncles, grandparents and 3 kids. The 3 kids belonging to the same set of parents (guess the aunts & uncles didn’t bring theirs along). With all the adults around, they can’t even keep their kids around their table! Those kids were aged about 2-6 years. The two youngest ones were running around the tables yelling and screaming. Get this, the adults, none of them, including the parents, did anything to stop the kids. They just continue with their conversations, not being bothered that all the ruckus was disturbing all the other patrons of the restaurant. It just shows how well-behave the kids were. I get it that kids can be noisy, and cheeky, bratty even, but not to this extend. Or maybe the fact that the parents couldn’t give a shit about the noise they were making is making their kids look worse.

By then, I already saw the other patrons throwing dirty looks at that particular table. Families from other tables were shooting daggers with their eyes towards that particular group of irresponsible adults. But what made me really snap was when the eldest son, came to the table directly next to mine, climb up on the chair and attempted to jump towards our table. I think his grandma saw him just in time and stopped him midair, cause him to falter and drop to the group in her arms. I was shocked beyond words. I gave the grandma a look, then turn and glared at the parents. Ugh.

For crying out loud, if you can’t take care of your kids, don’t be stupid, please don’t have any! It’s such a shame that some parents couldn’t even be bothered to teach and care for their kids.


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